Malmö Aviation Plans Summer seasonal service to Croatia in S11

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As per Sabre timetable display on 04FEB11, Malmö Aviation in Summer season is operating a number of new routes to Croatia, mostly to Pula and Split. There are services being offered from Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Malmö and Oslo.

These flights are currently NOT AVAILABLE for reservations. Planned schedule below:

Copenhagen – Pula 25JUN11 – 06AUG11
TF748 CPH0700 – 0910PUY AR1 6
TF749 PUY1010 – 1220CPH AR1 6

Copenhagen – Split 25JUN11 – 13AUG11
TF718 CPH1350 – 1605SPU AR1 6
TF719 SPU1700 – 1915CPH AR1 6

Gothenburg – Pula 12JUN11 – 28AUG11
TF750 GOT0655 – 0915PUY AR1 7
TF751 PUY1800 – 2020GOT AR1 7

Gothenburg – Split 11JUN11 – 01OCT11
TF710 GOT0600 – 0835SPU AR1 6 11JUN11-01OCT11
TF764 GOT0630 – 0905SPU AR1 6 21MAY11-24SEP11
TF792 GOT0740 – 1015SPU AR1 6 25JUN11-06AUG11

TF711 SPU0925 – 1200GOT AR1 6 11JUN11-01OCT11
TF765 SPU0955 – 1230GOT AR1 6 21MAY11-24SEP11
TF793 SPU1110 – 1330GOT AR1 6 25JUN11-06AUG11

Malmö – Split 21MAY11 – 24SEP11
TF762 MMX0635 – 0850SPU AR1 6 21MAY11-17SEP11
TF700 MMX2320 – 0135+1SPU AR1 6 04JUN11-24SEP11

TF701 SPU0235 – 0450MMX AR1 7 05JUN11-25SEP11
TF763 SPU0940 – 1155MMX AR1 6 21MAY11-17SEP11

Oslo – Pula 12JUN11 – 07AUG11
TF752 OSL1405 – 1655PUY AR1 7
TF753 PUY1015 – 1305OSL AR1 7

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