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The new integrate air traffic management procedure

Reduction of taxi times and lower environmental impact

SACBO, airport managing company of Milan Bergamo Airport and ENAV, Italy's air traffic controller, completed the integration of the systems for the use of the A-CDM procedure (Airport Collaborative Decision Making ) at Milan Bergamo airport.
The A-CDM is an integrated platform that transmits information on the status of all departing flights in real time to EUROCONTROL, the European operations centre, (Network Manager) which distributes this information to all stakeholders involved in each single flight: airport managing company, airports, control area centres and airlines, allowing the optimization of en-route air traffic flows and the management of airport capacity, with benefits in terms of punctuality, delays reduction , less fuel consumption and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Thanks to A-CDM, all flight operations, from the start of airport operations for passenger boarding, to taxi and take-off operations, and the cruise phase up to the next landing, are considered a "single process".

In particular, thanks to the continuous exchange of updated information between airport stakeholders, ground movements, both before departure and after landing, are rationalized in the best possible way, with a consequent reduction in taxii times, contributing to lower CO2 emissions.