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Brno Airport changes its owner. The Airport became a part of Accolade Group

Brno Airport changes its owner. Newly it became a part of Accolade investment company. Existing owner of the company Letiště Brno a. s., who has the right for long term lease of international Brno-Tuřany Airport, signed a contract with the Accolade Group on Thursday.

„Today starts a new chapter of the airport’s history. I am persuaded that in cooperation with the region and the city of Brno, who are our most important partners, we can manage and secure long-term successful growth of the Airport. I believe, that together with the city of Brno and Jihomoravský region we will find common ground to extend the number of destinations. We realize, that only with our cooperation, based on strong relationships and trust, we can make Brno Airport respected member on the Central European air transport market,” says Milan Kratina, the CEO of Accolade Group.

The Accolade investment company is dedicated to the development of business infrastructure in the Czech Republic. They recently announced their intention to build a polygon for the development and certification of self-driving vehicles in the west of the Czech Republic. They primarily invest in rental industrial properties. In the past, they were already considering building a logistic park near the Airport.

The Accolade Group bought the company B.A.W.D.F. s.r.o. from previous owners, which is the owner of the company BRNO AIRPORT a.s. (LETIŠTĚ BRNO a.s.). BRNO AIRPORT a.s has a contract with South Moravian Region, on its foundation has Brno-Tuřany International Airport in a long-term lease and is the operator of the airport. There are no recognizable changes for passengers, employees or airlines caused by the change of the ownership. The exact amount of money that Accolade Group paid for 100% of shares was not announced.

International Brno-Tuřany Airport is the second largest airport in the Czech Republic, serving approximately half a million passengers per year. Currently, 3 airlines are flying regularly. One to Munich and the other two to London. Passenger traffic increases especially in the summer due to charter flights to certain holiday destinations. The airport has 150 employees, and the operation of the airport generates another 450 job opportunities.