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Brno Airport had successful six months. The number of passengers checked-in increased by 18% year-to-year, exceeding to 170 thousand

170,510! That is the exact number of checked-in passengers who passed through the gates of Brno Airport in the first half of this year. Compared to the record year of 2018, this is an 18% increase, for which the airport owes mainly to new and well-flowing regular flights to Milan and Berlin. A positive indicator is that, despite the failure of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, this case had virtually zero impact on the number of passengers handled in Brno.

"We are really satisfied with the development of the year so far. It turned out that both new scheduled flights were in full swing and the crisis of "MAXs" has a minimal impact on the operation of seasonal routes, despite a small reduction in the number of originally scheduled flights, the number of passengers increased due to higher aircraft utilization. It is certainly worth mentioning the month of June, in which we handled almost 87,000 passengers. We didn't have that many for comparison in any of the traditionally busiest holiday months in 2016," said Radek Lang, Head of Transport Operations Department of Brno Airport.

In addition to the summer season, the airport management has other strategic tasks and investments in novelties.

"Modernizations in the near future will mainly concern the area of security, technical maintenance and technical facilities of the airport. We must realize that our airport is a gateway not only to the South Moravian Region, but also to the border of the Schengen area, and as such it must meet all the requirements and be constantly evolving. As soon as we succeed in making the region more attractive and keeping the airport at a top level, we are well on our way to the future," added Milan Kratina, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BRNO AIRPORT.