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Southern Lights Direct from Christchurch Airport

Credit: Dr Ian Griffin

Charter Flights to the Aurora Australis

Today Christchurch Airport hosted Boeing 787 flights to the Southern Lights again this autumn. The ten-hour flight takes you over the Southern Ocean to view the light phenomenon from the comfort of your seat.

Passengers are served two meals on board and economy seats sold for NZ$1,545 through tour operator, Viva Expeditions. Last year's programme was a sell-out, as was this year's, with business class seats selling fastest providing the most comfortable way of watching the atmospheric event. Guests are given an astronomical tour by Dr Ian Griffin and a team of astronomers, and the flights are timed to coincide with the autumn equinox.

Christchurch Airport acts as a scientific gateway for many atmospheric and Antarctic research programmes and this charter is just one of the fascinating aviation stories that we can tell about our airport.