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Video update: Redesign of Eindhoven airport area with special lighting plan

The forecourt and Airport Boulevard of Eindhoven Airport are equipped with special lighting and a sophisticated lighting plan by Har Hollands, the Eindhoven lighting architect, former curator and artist of GLOW.

The remotely programmable LED lighting in numerous patterns and colors, for example in the taxi canopies, stimulates the senses. The colored LEDs in the 25 light poles on Airport Boulevard (from car park P4 to the terminal) respond to current themes and events in the region. This could be the PSV championship, for example, but also an event like GLOW. For example, the play of light tells the story of the Brainport region. The special lighting that combines functional and design provides a worthy entrance to Brainport in which technology, design and art play an important role. With the new lighting and the lighting plan, Eindhoven City of Light also lives up to its name in the airport area. Frank Vrenken (Tauw) and Har Hollands provide an explanation in this fifth and final video about the redevelopment of the airport area.