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Ljubljana Airport

  • PAX: 1,438,000

About The Airport

Slovenia lies in the heart of Europe, a small green country, where the Alps meet the Mediterranean.  It is a member of  the EU and  EMU and shares international borders with Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia.

LJU Airport is the major and central airport of the Republic of Slovenia.

Its excellent location at the intersection of two major transport corridors connecting  central and SE Europe, makes it a natural hub for SE Europe including Western Balkans and a large part of Central Europe.  Apart from Slovenians, the Airport is mainly used by passengers originating from Austria, Italy and Croatia.

Catchment area of 4 million inhabitants, within 1,5 hour drive.

  • Available for all aircraft types
  • No night restrictions
  • Navigation capability ILS CAT III B.
  • Authorized Maintenance centres for Airbus, Bombardier & Embraer