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Haugesund Airport, Karmøy

  • Country/Region: Flag of Norway Norway
  • Telephone: +46707926420
  • Website: flyhau.no/en
  • PAX: 615,267

About The Airport

The airport was privatized May 2019 and January and February traffic was up by 7% YoY due to new route and marketing expansion.

Located just a short drive from Norway’s 2nd & 3rd biggest airports and with a long term incentive program, this is the biggest new aviation opportunity in Norway.

Norway has 45 state owned airports due to its topography with countless fjords and mountains. Having the world 6th highest GDP per capita, the region is investing heavily in new highways, bridges and submerged tunnels, linking the cities and bringing along unprecedented opportunities.

Haugesund, with its own population of 150,000 and home to the worlds third largest export port of liquid natural gas, is now being brought closer to Bergen and Stavanger with a new market total of +700,000.

Haugesund is a rising star in tourism receiving 100 cruise port calls per year. Outbound tourism is supported by five weeks paid holiday and Europes 2nd biggest tourism spend.

Its location and its int'l business environment powered by offshore tech, oil, gas and new energy ensures a stable business traffic, population growth, low unemployment rates and traffic nicely distributed throughout the year.