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50 years Paderborn-Lippstadt part IV A home port for the region

Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. As part of this, the airport looks back in the fourth and last part of the history series from 2010 to the present day.  

Construction of a new glass hangar began in summer 2010. After only nine months of construction, the Quax hangar with a shipyard and a glass showroom was opened in May 2011. Since then, one of the most unusual facilities in Germany has stood at its home airport on 1,800 square meters. Thanks to its steel arches, the design is based on the cross-section of a wing. The hangar is used by the Quax Association for Historical Aircraft, an association for the preservation of historical aircraft. In addition to the visitor terrace and the association's office, there is also a restaurant on the upper floor.

The airport terminal also received a modernization in 2010. 18 new check-in counters were also built. The travel agencies moved to the upper floor. In addition, significant areas were expanded for security controls, as well as the areas for restaurants, duty-free & travel value shops and the kiosk, in order to make the stay of the travelers even more pleasant.  

In 2013, Managing Director Elmar Kleinert said goodbye from Paderborn to Berlin. First, Rolf Horstschäfer became interim successor before Dr. Marc Cezanne succeeded him in November. PAD Airport Services GmbH was also founded in the same year. The wholly-owned subsidiary of Flughafen Paderborn / Lippstadt GmbH has since been responsible for passenger handling and security checks in the General Aviation Terminal.  

As an airport, which is defined particularly by the proximity to people and companies in the catchment area, Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport wanted to express this connection in its name. Accordingly, the “My home port” campaign was launched in 2015. In addition to its own website and a film, the broad testimonial campaign with its commitment to the home port caused a sensation.  

“Today Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport is an airport of international importance for around 5.5 million people and numerous companies in the catchment area. Despite the currently difficult market environment, we are optimistic about the future and are doing everything we can to ensure the region's connection to global air traffic, Marc Cezanne, managing director of Flughafen Paderborn / Lippstadt GmbH.

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