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Bridge to the World Lifts into Place at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

In January, thanks to around-the-clock work by more than 100 team members, ironworkers and welders, and specialty trades, SEA achieved a major milestone for the International Arrivals Facility (IAF).

The 320-foot center span traveled nearly three miles down SEA’s closed center runway, followed by a complex lift and installation sequence between Concourse A and the South Satellite. Workers installed the walkway’s center span and tested 16 key welds before the four strand jacks could be removed and the taxilane could be re-opened. SEA is now home to the world’s longest elevated walkway over an active taxilane in the world.

Apprenticeship is a major workforce development strategy in the construction industry, and the IAF continues to exceed its apprentice utilization requirements. At the end of 2019, 20.1 percent (or 282,889 hours) of all IAF labor hours were worked by apprentices with 32.6 percent of those apprentice hours worked by minorities.

Looking Ahead: IAF landside elements within the 450,000 square-foot arrivals facility are tracking to completion. Bag claim devices, terrazzo flooring, and interior finishes continue to be installed.