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Miramar Peninsula Panel announced

Today Wellington Airport announced who will be on the Miramar Peninsular Sign Panel to decide on alternative options to be put forward for public vote, alongside Wellywood.

The Panel consists of Fran Wilde, Richard Stone, Liz Mellish, John Milford, David Gibson, Andy Boreham and Allan Probert. While Panel members have gained their knowledge and experience from current or past employers, roles or organisations, they will be acting as individuals when expressing their views on the Panel.

When the Panel meets later this week, they will determine the process to find alternative ideas and how the public can vote for a sign that will give Wellington international recognition, reflect its contribution to the film industry and attract visitors to the region.

The Airport will participate as a facilitator of the Panel and provide support to the Panel’s deliberations including assisting and funding; communications, advice, and the voting process. The Airport will not have a vote on the alternative options.

Issued by:  Wellington International Airport Limited