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The highest passenger traffic of 2021

October 2021 records the highest passenger traffic of the year for both Larnaka and Pafos airports. Specifically, the numbers recorded for both departing and arriving passengers reached to a total of 951,820 passengers (Larnaka Airport: 619,501 - Pafos Airport: 332,319) compared to 867,097 passengers recorded in August 2021 - traditionally considered the peak period of a year. This is a positive outcome, given that since last year, travel has been in general standstill due to the pandemic.

An analysis of arrivals shows a significant influx of passengers from Great Britain, even though until July there was uncertainty as to whether the country would open its borders to tourists. In October an increase was observed in passenger occupancy rates compared to August. At the same time and during this period, the trips of Cypriots abroad began to increase due to the long weekends of the month. Great Britain, Russia, Greece, Germany, and Poland were among the top countries from which travellers arrived in Cyprus.