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New call for 20 routes via Canary Islands Flight Development Fund

The Canary Islands have launched a new route incentive package calling for 20 routes, via the Flight Development Fund (FDF), with the intention of improving the air connectivity of the islands and boosting the diversity of its tourism markets and clients.

The total maximum budget for the call is of 3.5 million euros.

The routes open for proposals aim to connect the islands with markets like, Poland (1), France (4), Germany (4), Italy (2), Austria (2), Ireland (1), Hungary (2), United Kingdom (3) and Norway (1).

These routes were selected after an analysis of strategic interest, potential viability, and a lack of existing connectivity.

“We work hard in connectivity and hope that the incentives act as a final push for airlines that are considering a wide range of options that may already include Canary Islands destinations”.

The Flight Development Fund was approved in April 2014 after an intense period of negotiation between the Canary Islands Government and the European Commission. The result included modifications to the European Aviation Guidelines granting important exemptions to the Canary Islands due to their position as an ultra peripheral region of Europe.

The changes allow the Canary Islands to offer incentives for the start-up new air routes and grant an important concession removing the limit on the maximum number of passengers using Canarian airports.

Furthermore, there is constant communication with AENA and the Spanish Government aimed at obtaining more competitive taxes for Canarian airports to offset the extra cost associated with the geographical distance and fragmentation of the islands.

On top of this call, there are other calls still open, and together they add 36 potential routes, so at this moment it is possible to apply for 56 new routes in total.

All the information is available here: