TakeOff North America 2019

The Air Service Development Forum Dedicated to the North American Marketplace

Orlando/Sanford, Florida
28 – 29 October 2019

Conference Programme

Monday, 28 October 2019

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    Market Overview

    We take a look at how the North American market will shape up in 2020. What are the major trends and drivers which will shape the future skies across the world’s largest aviation market? We take a look at airline behavior and aircraft innovation, alongside other topics which will come under the microscope.

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    Airport Privatization

    Is airport privatization in the US finally ready to take off? Since the FAA introduced the pilot program to allow more privately-owned airports, results have been mixed. But what is the potential for private ownership, and how can we overcome the challenges that remain?

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    Marketing Masterclass: How can you make your airport stand out?

    In a crowded field, a memorable and unique marketing campaign can make all the difference to passengers faced with numerous options. We will bring you market-leading expertise to understand how airports are leveraging marketing power to capture more of the local traveller market.

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    Airline Briefing – Allegiant

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    Airline Briefing – JetBlue

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

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    ASM Training Session

    ASM training courses give attendees the knowledge and skills for a successful career in route development. They are a must for anyone who wants to make their mark on the profession. ASM devised the first route development courses in the world back in the 1990s and its training options are highly respected in the aviation industry.

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    Airline Briefing – JSX

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    How to understand your catchment area’s behavior

    Advance Media New York

    The Advance_360 Insights presentation centers on what people are saying online about why they do – or don’t – fly with their local airport.  A Digital Conversations case study compares traveler comments surrounding large and regional / midsize airports, then translates the results into a solid marketing strategy.

* Please note like all events, the programme is subject to change.