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No economic recovery without empowered European airports

Posted 13/03/2009 - Viewed 17 time(s)

Brussels, 13 March 2009: ACI EUROPE - the voice of Europe's airports - this morning released its response to the ongoing economic and financial turmoil. The paper, entitled Empower Europe's airports to boost economic recovery reveals the unprecedented impact that this crisis is having on airports across Europe and the proactive nature of their reaction.  

 It also details the 5 urgent measures that ACI EUROPE is calling for. These measures do not involve massive bailouts, but are merely focussed on a reconsideration of existing policies and regulations, both at European and at national levels. This reconsideration is indispensable if airports are to be fully empowered to reassert their vital role in any economic recovery.

 These measures are fully in line with the recently announced European Economic Recovery Plan* as they also look to the long-term competitiveness and viability of the European aviation system.

Olivier Jankovec, Director General ACI EUROPE said "Airports are catalysts for job creation. Not only do they contribute to the economies of the regions and communities they serve, they actually define them. This means that they can do a great deal for economic recovery - but for that to happen, they now need to be given the freedom to develop. At such an urgent time, this is something that the EU can no longer afford to overlook. 

 He added "Our summarised strategy is this: 1) ensure that economic regulation truly incentivises airports to modernise and develop their infrastructure. 2) give them more flexibility to financially support vital regional air routes. 3) reduce the astonishing costs of security and make it more efficient. 4) get rid of economically nonsensical national taxes on aviation and 5) commit to full and prompt aviation liberalisation."

 He concluded "Now, more than ever, we need to maintain a focus on the long-term challenges, while addressing the short-term in a way that takes into account the interests of all aviation stakeholders - including the travelling public."  

 Source: ACI Europe

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