Foreign Carriers Japan Operation Changes Apr/May 2011: Update 5

As of 08APR11, Foreign carrier’s operation changes to Tokyo and some cities in Japan, from 08APR11 as follows. Most of the operation changes are on temporary basis till the end of April 2011, while some extends towards the end of June 2011. Note the following are the carriers that has published the changes in the GDS. Carriers not mentioned are currently operating normally.

Majority of the airlines listed below has seen latest changes over the weekend.

Please contact the airline for latest flight update.

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Tokyo Narita
Service until 24APR11 operates with Boeing 767, instead of Airbus A330-200/-300

Noumea – Tokyo Narita Service until 11APR11 operates via Osaka on outbound
SB800 NOU0930 – 1630KIX1745 – 1905NRT 332 136 -11APR11
SB801 NRT2040 – 0715+1NOU 332 136 -11APR11

Air Canada
Calgary – Tokyo Narita 03APR11 – 21APR11 Reduce from 5 weekly to 2 weekly, YYC departure on Day 24, NRT on Day 35
Toronto – Tokyo Narita 02APR11 – 21APR11 Boeing 777-200LR replace -300ER Daily, except Saturdays (NRT except Sundays, 03APR11 – 22APR11)
Vancouver – Tokyo Narita 02APR11 – 30MAY11 Boeing 767 replace Airbus A330-300, except 27APR11 – 08MAY11 (NRT 03APR11 – 27APR11, 10MAY11 – 31MAY11 with 767)

Air China
Beijing – Dalian – Sendai CANCELED till 30JUN11
Beijing – Shanghai Pu Dong – Sendai CANCELED till 30JUN11
Beijing – Tokyo Haneda CA183/184 CANCELED till 29JUN11 (was until 31MAY11)
Beijing – Tokyo Narita till 29JUN11 CA925/926 737-800 replace 777-200 (Total 12 weekly 737-800, reduce from 19 weekly; was until 31MAY11)
Chengdu – Beijing – Tokyo Narita CA421/422 CANCELED till 31MAY11
Chongqing – Shanghai Pu Dong – Tokyo Narita CA157/158 CANCELED till 31MAY11 (PVG NRT Reduce to 2 Daily)
Shanghai Pu Dong – Tokyo Narita till 31MAY11 CA929/930 Boeing 737-800 replace Airbus A321

Paris CDG – Tokyo Narita
NONSTOP service operating on following dates and flights:

AF278/277 08APR11-10APR11 (CDG departure)
AF276/275 09APR11 (CDG departure)

AF276 CDG1140 – 0610+1NRT 772 09APR11
AF278 CDG2200 – 1625+1NRT 772 08APR11-10APR11

AF275 NRT1005 – 1525CDG 772 10APR11
AF277 NRT2155 – 0415+1CDG 772 09APR11-10APR11

Service continues to operate via Seoul Incheon until 12APR11:

AF276 CDG1110 – 0450+1ICN0610+1 – 0850+1NRT 772 10APR11-12APR11
AF278 CDG2205 – 1545+1ICN1705+1 – 1945+1NRT 772 11APR11-12APR11

AF275 NRT1005 – 1240ICN1355 – 1850CDG 772 11APR11-13APR11
AF277 NRT2155 – 0030+1ICN0145+1 – 0640+1CDG 772 11APR11-13APR11

Boeing 777-200ER service to continue operating when both 2 Daily flights returns to nonstop service from 13APR11 (CDG departure) until 15MAY11. AF276/275 A380 service to resume from 16MAY11 and AF278/277 returns to 777-300ER

Air Macau
Macau – Osaka Kansai CANCELED on 09APR11, 16APR11, 23APR11
Macau – Tokyo Narita CANCELED from 01APR11 to 24APR11

Air New Zealand
Until 09MAY11, Tokyo Narita and Osaka service is combined. Tokyo service operates 5 times a week, and 3 of 5 weekly inbound flight operates via Osaka
NZ099 AKL0830 – 1655NRT 763 x35

NZ090 NRT1815 – 2000KIX2115 – 1110+1AKL 763 146
NZ090 NRT1815 – 0815+1AKL 763 27

Service on selected days may be operated by Boeing 777-200ER

On 07MAY11 and 26MAY11, NZ operates 1 round trip AKL KIX NZ097/098 service with 767

Air Tahiti Nui
Papeete – Tokyo Narita From 08APR11, service returns to nonstop with flight number change to TN488/487 on temporary basis until 24APR11

American Airlines
Dallas – Tokyo Narita 06APR11-25APR11 AA175/176 CANCELED (Reduce from 2 to 1 Daily, NRT dep 08APR11-27APR11 CXLD)
New York JFK – Tokyo Haneda 06APR11-25APR11 CANCELED (NRT dep 08APR11-27APR11 CXLD)

Busan – Tokyo Haneda Service to be restored from 20MAY11
Seoul Incheon – Asahikawa till 30JUN11 CANCELED
Seoul Incheon – Fukushima till 30JUN11 CANCELED
Seoul Incheon – Ibaraki till 30JUN11 CANCELED
Seoul Incheon – Sendai Service CANCELED for entire Summer 2011
Seoul Incheon – Tokyo Haneda Service to be restored from 16MAY11

Vienna – Tokyo Narita
Effective immediately until 28APR11, service operates 4 weekly, then returns to Daily flight
From 09APR11 to 08MAY11, service continues to operate 1-stop flight, but will operate via Seoul Incheon, replacing Beijing stop

OS051 VIE1330 – 0615+1ICN0715+1 – 0925+1NRT 772 x135
OS052 NRT1055 – 1325ICN1425 – 1850VIE 772 x246

British Airways
London Heathrow – Tokyo Haneda service to resume from 28APR11. However, since 02APR11 the flight no longer operates into Tokyo Narita on termporary basis
London Heathrow – Tokyo Narita service since Saturday 02APR11 has returned to NONSTOP service, with the introduction of Boeing 777-300ER serivce

Cathay Pacific
Hong Kong – Nagoya 03APR11 – 14APR11 NONSTOP service reduce from 10 weekly to Daily, CX536/535 CANCELED
Hong Kong – Osaka Kansai 01APR11 – 15APR11 CX567 service from KIX CANCELED*
Hong Kong – Tokyo Haneda 01APR11 – 15APR11 CX542 service from HKG CANCELED*
Hong Kong – Tokyo Narita 27MAR11 – 15APR11 NONSTOP service reduce from 4 to 2 Daily, CX524/501 and CX520/521 CANCELED

*Operational pattern HKG KIX HND HKG

China Airlines
Kaohsiung – Nagoya – 19APR11 CANCELED
Kaohsiung – Tokyo Narita -30APR11 3 weekly service operates with 737-800 instead of Airbus A330-300
Taipei Taoyuan – Miyazaki – 10APR11 CANCELED
Taipei Taoyuan – Tokyo Narita Service to reduce from 19 to 12 weekly
CI100/101 – 26APR11 CANCELED 27APR11 – 30APR11 Boeing 737-800 replace A330/340
CI105/106 – 25APR11 5 weekly Airbus A330-300 service replaced Boeing 737-800

Taipei Taoyuan – Sapporo
06APR11 – 28APR11 Service operates 2 weekly (Day 37) with 737-800

China Eastern
Shanghai Hongqiao – Tokyo Haneda – 27APR11 Airbus A321 replace A330-300
Shanghai Pu Dong – Fukushima CANCELED until 31JUL11 (was until 30APR11)
Shanghai Pu Dong – Tokyo Narita – 26APR11 All 3 Daily service operates with Airbus A320, replace A330-200/-300 (however, selected dates continues to see A330 operating)

China Southern
Guangzhou – Osaka Kansai – 30APR11 Airbus A321 replace A330
Guangzhou – Tokyo Narita – 30APR11 Boeing 737-800 replace 777 (service from 01MAY11 operates with A330)

Detroit – Tokyo Haneda service canceled until 30MAY11 (HND till 02JUN11)
Honolulu – Tokyo Narita DL647/646 Airbus A330-300 replace Boeing 747-400 from 01APR11 to 30MAY11, and operating at reduced frequency on following period
01APR11 – 17APR11 Reduce from 14 to 13 weekly
18APR11 – 27APR11 Reduce from 14 to 12 weekly
09MAY11 – 22MAY11 Reduce from 14 to 13 weekly

Los Angeles – Tokyo Haneda service canceled until 01JUN11 (HND till 01JUN11)
Los Angeles – Tokyo Narita 25APR11 – 30MAY11 Boeing 747-400 replace A330-200 (NRT 27APR11 – 31MAY11)
Portland OR – Tokyo Narita
01APR11 – 14MAY11 Reduce from Daily to 5 weekly
15MAY11 – 06JUN11 Reduce from Daily to 6 weekly

San Francisco – Tokyo Narita
01APR11 – 24APR11 Reduce from Daily to 5 weekly
09MAY11 – 22MAY11 Reduce from Daily to 5 weekly

Tokyo Narita – Bangkok 26APR11 – 30MAY11 Boeing 747-400 replace A330-200 (BKK 27APR11 – 31MAY11)
Tokyo Narita – Guangzhou Service Resumption on 06APR11, postponed till 05JUL11
Tokyo Narita – Manila Planned service increase from 7 to 11 weekly, postponed till 02JUN11 (operating till 14JUL11)

Hong Kong – Okinawa Service suspended until 02JUL11

Edelweiss Air
Zurich – Tokyo Narita Planned NEW seasonal weekly service from June 2011 is CANCELED

Taipei Taoyuan – Sapporo – 30APR11 MD90 replace A330-200, except certain dates
Taipei Taoyuan – Tokyo Narita -30APR11 Reduce from 10 weekly to Daily. BR2198/2197 operates Day x367 iso Daily, BR2196/2195 operates Day 367

Garuda Indonesia
Denpasar – Tokyo Narita CANCELED from 06APR11 to 22APR11 and from 12MAY11 to 31MAY11. Service will combine with existing Jakarta service
GA884 DPS2130 – 2215CGK2315 – 0900+1NRT 330 05APR11-21APR11/11MAY11-30MAY11
GA885 NRT1200 – 1725CGK1825 – 2110DPS 330 06APR11-22APR11/12MAY11-31MAY11

Hong Kong Airlines
Hong Kong – Tokyo Narita Boeing 737-800 replace Airbus A330-200 on Daily flight for S11. However, A330 aircraft to operate on selected dates

KLM KL862/864 from Tokyo to operate via Osaka until 08APR11. Passengers are able to board the flight from Osaka
Amsterdam – Tokyo Narita
KL862 NRT1010 – 1150KIX1320 – 1755AMS 747 D-08APR11
KL864 NRT1205 – 1335KIX1455 – 1930AMS 747 567 -08APR11

AMS departure remains nonstop

Korean Air
Seoul Incheon – Hakodate 27MAR11 – 27APR11 CANCELLED
Seoul Incheon – Tokyo Haneda 04APR11 – 26APR11 CANCELED
Seoul Incheon – Tokyo Narita till 30APR11
KE701/702 Boeing 777-200 replace -300
KE703/704 Airbus A330-200/-300 replace Boeing 777-300

Seoul Incheon – Tokyo Narita – Los Angeles 06APR11 – 22APR11 Reduce from Daily to 4 weekly (Day x246)
Seoul Gimpo – Tokyo Haneda 04APR11 – 26APR11 Airbus A330-300 replace Boeing 747-400 on all 3 Daily flights
Busan – Sapporo 05APR11 – 31MAY11 CANCELED
Cheongju – Osaka Kansai 01APR11 – 30MAY11 CANCELED

Frankfurt – Tokyo Narita Service operates via Seoul Incheon until 22APR11 (23APR11 from NRT)
LH710 FRA1340 – 0700+1ICN0800+1 – 1000+1NRT 346 D
LH711 NRT1100 – 1300ICN1400 – 1835FRA 346 D

Planned A380 service to resume from 23APR11

Munich – Tokyo Narita Service operates via Seoul Incheon till 22APR11 (23APR11 from NRT)
LH714 MUC1335 – 0650+1ICN0750+1 – 1010+1NRT 343 -22APR11
LH715 NRT1110 – 1340ICN1440 – 1910MUC 343 -23APR11

Service returns to NONSTOP from 23APR11. Airbus A340-300 continues to operate for entire Summer 2011

Malaysia Airlines
Kota Kinabalu – Tokyo Haneda 09APR11 – 24APR11 SUSPENDED
Kota Kinabalu – Tokyo Narita – 30APR11 Reduce from 11 weekly to Daily. MH070/071 CANCELED

Perth – Tokyo Narita Service returns to NONSTOP service. Service will be CANCELED from 08MAY11 to 29OCT11, however

Sydney – Tokyo Narita Service until 10APR11 operates via Hong Kong
QF021 SYD0605 – 1200HKG1330 – 1800NRT 744 -10APR11
QF022 NRT2000 – 0000+1HKG0130+1 – 1325+1SYD 744 -10APR11

QF021 on 10APR11 operates as QF171

Schedule from 10MAY11 to 03JUL11, followed by the aircraft changes on certain flights
QF021 SYD2145 – 0645+1NRT 332 3
QF021 SYD2155 – 0630+1NRT 744 146
QF021 SYD2155 – 0655+1NRT 333 257

QF022 NRT2030 – 0700+1SYD 744 257
QF022 NRT2030 – 0720+1SYD 332 4
QF022 NRT2030 – 0720+1SYD 333 136

Philippine Airlines
Cebu – Tokyo Narita 01APR11 – 30APR11 Reduce from 5 weekly to 4 weekly. Towards the end of April, selected dates operates with 747-400 instead of A330 for Golden Week

Shanghai Airlines
Shanghai Hongqiao – Tokyo Haneda -30APR11 Boeing 757 replace 767

Singapore Airlines
Singapore – Tokyo Haneda -07MAY11 Reduce from 2 to 1 Daily. SQ636/635 CANCELED
Singapore – Tokyo Narita – Los Angeles Boeing 777-300ER operating, replacing planned A380 operation

SriLankan Airlines
Colombo – Tokyo Narita
Tokyo departure on 11APR11 resumes operation to Male then onward to Colombo, UL461. However, UL461 on 14APR11 and 21APR11 operates as NRT CMB only

Bangkok – Tokyo Narita -25APR11 (NRT till 26APR11) Reduce from 3 to 2 Daily.
TG640/641* Canceled
TG642/643 Boeing 747-400 replace 777-200ER

*2 of 7 weekly service operates as TG671 Tokyo Narita – Phuket – Bangkok also canceled

St. Petersburg – Tokyo Narita Planned Summer 2011 season service from 26MAY11, CANCELED

Chicago – Tokyo Narita eff 03MAY11 Boeing 777-200ER replace 747-400
San Francisco – Tokyo Narita -15APR11 Capacity changes
UA837/838 Boeing 777-200ER replace 747-400

Seattle – Tokyo Narita 09MAY11 – 30MAY11 Reduce from Daily to 4 weekly (Day x235, NRT Day x346)
Washington Dulles – Tokyo Narita 08MAY11 – 29MAY11 Reduce from Daily to 5 weekly (Day x24, NRT Day x35)