TACA begins Air Canada codeshare service

TACA starting this week (eff 12MAY11) begins codeshare operation with Air Canada. At time this post goes to press, TACA’s “TA” code is appearing on following Air Canada services. Air Canada operated by TACA/LACSA should be appearing in the GDS soon.

Route TA Codeshare AC Operating
Dallas – Toronto TA4012 AC7996
Toronto – Dallas TA4014 AC7991
Los Angeles – Calgary TA4001 AC573
Calgary – Los Angeles TA4000 AC572
Los Angeles – Vancouver TA4003 AC557
Vancouver – Los Angeles TA4002 AC558
Miami – Montreal TA4011 AC931
Montreal – Miami TA4006 AC930
Miami – Toronto TA4013 AC919
Calgary – Edmonton TA4024 AC8162
Edmonton – Calgary TA4023 AC8167
Toronto – Miami TA4010 AC916
Orlando – Montreal TA4007 AC1231
Orlando – Toronto TA4005 AC913
Toronto – Orlando TA4004 AC1226
Toronto – Montreal TA4022 AC426
Montreal – Toronto TA4009
Toronto – Ottawa TA4020 AC466
Ottawa – Toronto TA4019 AC445