Emirates Aug 2011 – Mar 2012 Planned Operation Changes as of 23JUL11

As per 22JUL11 GDS timetable and inventory display, planned changes to Emirates operation in Winter 2011/12 season, as follows.

Note there are few notable changes between August 2011 and October 2011, which is included in this post. As always additional changes remain possible. Routes marked with * represents new changes not reported previously on this site.

eff 06AUG11
Dubai – Los Angeles* EK215/216 Boeing 777-300ER replace -200LR (until 30SEP11)

eff 01SEP11
Dubai – Nairobi* EK721/722 Day 7 2-class Boeing 777-200ER replace 3-class -200ER (See also entry eff 01FEB12)
Dubai – Seychelles* Planned Increase from 11 to 12 weekly CANCELED

eff 01OCT11
Dubai – Johannesburg EK761/762 Airbus A380 replace 777-300ER

eff 02OCT11
Dubai – Sydney 2nd Daily nonstop service (3rd Daily overall) to be resumed
EK414 DXB0140 – 2230SYD 77W D
EK415 SYD0600 – 1330DXB 77W D 03OCT11-

eff 30OCT11
Dubai – Basra* All 4 weekly service operates with 3-class A330-200 (Currently 1 of 4 weekly operates with 2-class)
Dubai – Cairo* Increase from 12 to 13 weekly
Dubai – Dakar* Service increase from 4 to 5 weekly (previous plan was 5 weekly to Daily)
Dubai – Delhi EK514/515 Boeing 777-200LR replace A340-500
Dubai – Frankfurt Increase from 14 to 18 weekly. New flight with A330-200 (until 30NOV11)
EK043 DXB0320 – 0735FRA 332 x134
EK044 FRA1000 – 1915DXB 332 x134

Dubai – Guangzhou* Daily Boeing 777-300ER service with First Class Suites, replace 2 weekly with Regular First Class and 5 weekly First Class Suite
Dubai – Hamburg EK059/060 Boeing 777-300ER (with suites) replace -300 (See also entry eff 01FEB12)
Dubai – Khartoum* Increase from 4 to 6 weekly (See also eff 05DEC11 entry)
Dubai – Kuala Lumpur – Melbourne Boeing 777-300ER with Suites replace -300ER with regular First Class Seating
Dubai – Madrid Boeing 777-300ER (with Suites) replace Airbus A340-300 (until 30NOV11)
Dubai – Male* Planned Boeing 777-300ER with Suites replace -300ER with regular First Class Seating, CANCELED (see eff also entry eff 01JAN12)
Dubai – Milan Malpensa EK093/094 3-class 777-300 replace Airbus A340-300 (See also entry eff 01DEC12)
Dubai – Moscow Domodedovo EK131/132 Boeing 777-300ER with Suites operates Daily (currently 5 times a week with Suites)
Dubai – Munich EK051/052 Daily A340-300, replace 6 weekly A340-300 and 1 weekly A330-200 (See also entry eff 01JAN12)
Dubai – Nice Airbus A340-300 replace A330-200, Daily
Dubai – Osaka Day 23 service continues to operate with 777-200LR, replace -300ER. Overall service remains Daily
Dubai – Seychelles* Planned Increase from 12 to 14 weekly CANCELED. Service Reduce to 11 weekly
Dubai – Singapore Introduction of 3rd Daily NONSTOP with 3-class 777-300ER (non-suite; overall SIN service increase to 4 Daily)
EK354 DXB0325 – 1445SIN 77W D
EK355 SIN0200 – 0510DXB 77W D

Dubai – Tokyo Narita* Boeing 777-200LR replace -300ER. 5 weekly
Dubai – Tunis* Increase from 5 to 6 weekly (See also entry eff 01DEC11)

eff 01NOV11
Dubai – St. Petersburg NEW Daily Nonstop service with A330-200/A340-300 (See also entry eff 01JAN12)
EK137 DXB1035 – 1615LED 343 x1
EK137 DXB1035 – 1615LED 332 1

EK138 LED1745 – 0035+1DXB 343 x1
EK138 LED1745 – 0035+1DXB 332 1

eff 13NOV11
Dubai – Baghdad NEW 4 weekly service with A330-200
EK941 DXB0755 – 0940BGW 332 x124
EK942 BGW1135 – 1455DXB 332 x124

eff 01DEC11
Dubai – Bangalore* EK564/565 Airbus A340-300 replace A330-200, except Day 4 (previously planned Daily)
Dubai – Colombo – Singapore* Boeing 777-300 replace -300ER (Day 7 service planned 777-200 replace -300 canceled)
Dubai – Dusseldorf EK057/058 Airbus A340-300 replace A330-200
Dubai – Frankfurt 
EK043/044 Increase from 4 weekly to Daily. Overall service increases to 21 weekly
EK047/048 Boeing 777-300ER with Suites, replacing non-suite -300ER

Dubai – Hyderabad EK526/527, EK528/529 Airbus A340-300 replace A330-200
Dubai – London Heathrow EK005/006 Boeing 777-300ER with Suites replace -300
Dubai – Madrid* Boeing 777-300ER with Regular First Class replace -300ER with First Class Suite (until 29FEB12)
Dubai – Milan Malpensa EK091/092 Boeing 777-300 replace Airbus A340-300
Dubai – Rome EK095/096 Boeing 777-300ER with Regular First Class replace Airbus A330-200
Dubai – Shanghai Pu Dong EK304/305 Boeing 777-300ER replace Airbus A340-300
Dubai – Tunis* Increase from 6 weekly to Daily

eff 05DEC11
Dubai – Khartoum* Increase 6 weekly to Daily. Service back to Daily (This remains pending as reservation is not open)

eff 01JAN12
Dubai – Male* Boeing 777-300ER with Suites replace -300ER with regular First Class Seating on Day 1 only for the month of Jan 2012
Dubai – Munich EK049/050 Airbus A380 replace Boeing 777-300
Dubai – Prague 3-class Boeing 777-300 replace 2-class Airbus A330-200. Introduction of Regular First Class
Dubai – St. Petersburg Day 1 service Airbus A340-500 replace A330-200

eff 03JAN12
Dubai – Rio de Janeiro – Buenos Aires NEW Daily 777-300ER service
EK247 DXB0710 – 1537GIG1723 – 1930EZE 77W D
EK248 EZE2130 – 0123+1GIG0310+1 – 2250+1DXB 77W D

eff 01FEB12
Dubai – Accra – Abidjan Airbus A340-500 replace -300
Dubai – Casablanca Boeing 777-300ER with Suites replacing Airbus A340-500
Dubai – Copenhagen 3-class Boeing 777-200ER replace Airbus A330-200
Dubai – Hamburg EK061/062 Boeing 777-300ER with First Class Suite replace -200ER
Dubai – Nairobi EK719/720 Airbus A340-300 replace A330-200

eff 01MAR12
Dubai – Kuala Lumpur* EK346/347 Boeing 777-300ER with First Class suites replace non-suites -300
Dubai – Madrid* Boeing 777-300ER with First Class Suite replace -300ER with Regular First Class

Currently planned new Airbus New A380 cities, noted from FlyerTalk forum on 21JUL11:
Dubai – Shanghai Pu Dong EK302/303 eff 30OCT11 Increase from 3 weekly to Daily
Dubai – Kuala Lumpur EK346/347 eff 01DEC11
Dubai – Rome EK097/098 eff 01DEC11
Dubai – Melbourne – Auckland EK406/407 eff (as early as) March 2012

The A380 operation to these cities mentioned above is subject to approval, which are not reflected in the reservation system at this moment. They are mentioned due to its accuracy from past updates.