Singapore Airlines W11 Operation Changes: Update as of 03AUG11

As per 03AUG11 GDS timetable and inventory display, Singapore Airlines continues to re-adjust its planned operation for Winter 2011/12 season, effective 30OCT11.

Latest changes sees the cancellation of Airbus A380 service to Melbourne and planned Boeing 747-400 service to Hong Kong. With A380 service to Melbourne currently being replaced by Boeing 777-300 by mid-Jan 2012, it is likely that the Star Alliance member is poised to announce new A380 route soon, unless the airline reverse its decision in coming days.

Latest changes as follows:

Singapore – Abu Dhabi Further changes to planned operation, which now operates Daily. Previously planned increase, which was available for reservation, is now removed. Tag-on service to Kuwait is canceled as previously reported.

**Singapore – Abu Dhabi – Jeddah
eff 06DEC11 Reduce from 4 weekly (Day x246) to 3 weekly (Day 357)
**Singapore – Abu Dhabi – Riyadh
eff 30OCT11 RUH service replace DXB-stop 777-300, service operates with A330-300
eff 12DEC11 Increase from 3 weekly (Day 246) to 4 weekly (Day x357)

Singapore – Dubai Overall service reduce from 14 to 11 weekly unchanged with following revision

**Singapore – Dubai SQ494/495 terminator service remains Daily 777-300
**Singapore – Dubai – Cairo Reduce from 4 to 3 weekly

Singapore – Hong Kong Boeing 777-300ER replace -200ER on SQ866/865. Previously planned 747-400 from 16JAN12 also canceled, and is operated by 777-300ER instead

Singapore – Melbourne Aircraft changes, including the end of Airbus A380 service
SQ227/238 eff 15JAN12 Boeing 777-300 replace Airbus A380 (MEL from 16JAN12)
SQ237/238 eff 16JAN12 Boeing 747-400 replace 777-300
SQ217/218 Service Remains Daily Boeing 777-300ER

Singapore – Osaka Kansai Reduce from planned 14 to 11 weekly
SQ618 SIN0120 – 0825KIX 333 D
SQ616 SIN1345 – 2050KIX 333 x236

SQ619 KIX1100 – 1700SIN 333 D
SQ615 KIX2330 – 0530+1SIN 333 x236

SQ616/615 operates as 14 weekly from 25DEC11 to 06JAN12, Day 236 with 777-200

Other previously mentioned changes remain the same:
Singapore – Ahmedabad Increase from 2 to 3 weekly. Operational day changes from Day 26 to Day 247
Singapore – Bandar Seri Begawan Boeing 777-300 replace -200, 2 weekly
Singapore – Bangkok Increase from 4 to 5 Daily
Singapore – Guangzhou Increase from 1 to 2 Daily
Singapore – Istanbul – Athens 3 weekly, ATH 1-stop service replace existing 2 weekly nonstop, while IST overall service increase from 4 to 6 weekly
Singapore – Jakarta 2 of 7 Daily service Boeing 777-300 replace -200ER
Singapore – Johannesburg – Cape Town Increase from 3 to 4 weekly (JNB terminator service reduce from 4 to 3)
Singapore – Los Angeles NONSTOP Service continues to Reduce from Daily to 5 weekly for entire Winter season
Singapore – Mumbai Increase from 14 to 17 weekly (Previously loaded as 21 weekly)
SQ422 SIN0235 – 0530BOM 772 167
SQ426 SIN1810 – 2105BOM 772 D
SQ424 SIN1955 – 2250BOM 77W D

SQ423 BOM0005 – 0800SIN 77W D
SQ421 BOM0730 – 1525SIN 772 167
SQ425 BOM2220 – 0615+1SIN 772 D

SQ422/421 red-eye/morning service will see the service reduction, while SQ426/425 is introduced

Singapore – Shanghai Pu Dong SQ830/833 Boeing 777-300ER replace -300
Singapore – Tokyo Haneda 2nd Daily service resumes