UNI Air ends Pingtung Service; Increase Taipei – Taitung / Matzu Nangan service

Taiwan’s UNI Air on Monday (08AUG11) operated FINAL service on Taipei Sung Shan – Pingtung service, ending its 6-year operation to Southern Taiwanese Airport. Cancellation of this 3 weekly route is due to poor performance, which sometimes sees more flight crews on board than the passengers. This also marks the end of commercial operation of Pingtung Airport, which opened to commercial service since 1995, and will close its doors for good from 01SEP11.

Followed by the closure of Pingtung Airport, UNI Air is shifting operating to Taipei Sung Shan – Taitung, which sees increase from 21 to 23 weekly from 12AUG11. On Taipei Sung Shan – Matzu Nangan route, where scheduled service increase from 42 to 43 weekly.


Taipei Sung Shan – Pingtung till 08AUG11
B7387 TSA1900 – 2005PIF DH3 157
B7388 PIF2030 – 2130TSA DH3 157

Taipei Sung Shan – Taitung
B7853 TSA0730 – 0820TTT M90 D
B7855 TSA1220 – 1310TTT M90 x13
B7855 TSA1220 – 1320TTT DH3 13
B7857 TSA1625 – 1715TTT M90 D
B7859 TSA1850 – 1950TTT DH3 57

B7854 TTT0855 – 0945TSA M90 D
B7856 TTT1345 – 1435TSA M90 x13
B7856 TTT1350 – 1450TSA DH3 13
B7858 TTT1755 – 1845TSA M90 D
B7860 TTT2020 – 2120TSA DH3 57

Taipei Sung Shan – Matzu Nangan
B7303 TSA0610 – 0700LZN DH3 1
B7301 TSA0650 – 0740LZN DH3 D
B7305 TSA0930 – 1020LZN DH3 D
B7309 TSA1040 – 1130LZN DH3 D
B7315 TSA1330 – 1420LZN DH3 D
B7317 TSA1520 – 1610LZN DH3 D
B7319 TSA1610 – 1700LZN DH3 D

B7304 LZN0720 – 0810TSA DH3 1
B7302 LZN0810 – 0900TSA DH3 D
B7306 LZN1050 – 1140TSA DH3 D
B7310 LZN1210 – 1300TSA DH3 D
B7312 LZN1450 – 1540TSA DH3 D
B7318 LZN1640 – 1730TSA DH3 D
B7322 LZN1730 – 1820TSA DH3 D

B7303/304 on Day 3 operates as B73101/3102 as extra flight