DELTA W11 Long-Haul Operation Changes as of 13AUG11

As per 13AUG11 GDS timetable display, DELTA continues to adjust planned Winter 2011/12 Long-Haul Operation, which sees new changes on 7 routes, including further reductions/cancellations on Trans-Atlantic service.

Latest details as follows:

Atlanta – Bogota Boeing 737-700 operation extended for entire NW11, except 01DEC11 to 03JAN12 (757 operation)
Atlanta – London Gatwick
01OCT11 – 29OCT11 Reduce from Daily to 6 weekly
30OCT11 – 23MAR12 Reduce from Daily to 5 weekly

Atlanta – Managua W11 service operates Daily, increase from W10′s 5 weekly. Airbus A319 replace Boeing 737-800 from 05JAN12
Atlanta – Zurich 29OCT11 – 23MAR12 Service Reduction from Daily to 5 weekly (Previous was 6 weekly), except 19DEC11 – 25DEC11 and 01JAN12 – 08JAN12
Newark – Amsterdam 29OCT11 – 23MAR12 Reduce from Daily to 5 weekly
Pittsburgh – Paris CDG 28OCT11 – 23MAR12 Service Cancelled
Salt Lake City – Paris CDG 01NOV11 – 23MAR12 Reduce from Daily to 5 weekly, same as W10 (Previously planned Daily)

Previously mentioned changes remain the same for the moment:
Amsterdam – Mumbai 29OCT11 – 24MAR12 Airbus A330-300 replace Boeing 767-300ER. Service from the US originates in Atlanta, replace Newark
Atlanta – Accra – Monrovia Airbus A330-200 continues operation 3 times a week in W11
Atlanta – Amsterdam Airbus A330-300 continues operation in W11, same as W10. Service extends to Mumbai (see above)
Atlanta – Barbados Winter Service Canceled
Atlanta – Barcelona 5 weekly 767-300ER service (previously planned Daily)
Atlanta – Buenos Aires eff 11DEC11 Boeing 767-300ER replace -400ER
Atlanta – Caracas Boeing 757 operates Daily service in NW11. 737-800 replace 757 from 31JAN12 to 29FEB12 (738 in W10)
Atlanta – Dubai Boeing 777-200ER operates Daily service, replace -200LR in W10
Atlanta – Dusseldorf Service in W11 reduce to 5 weekly from W10′s Daily, 767-300ER operating
Atlanta – Lagos Airbus A330-200 continues operation in W11 on Daily basis (777-200ER in W10)
Atlanta – Lima Boeing 767-300 replace -400ER in W10
Atlanta – Milan Malpensa Winter operation reduced from 5 weekly in W10 to 4 weekly in W11
Atlanta – Moscow Sheremetyevo 02SEP11 – 24MAR12 Service Cancelled
Atlanta – Munich Boeing 767-400ER continues operation in W11
Atlanta – Paris CDG DELTA operating 2 Daily while Skyteam member AIRFRANCE operates 1 Daily, same as W10
Atlanta – Puerto Plata Winter Service Cancelled
Atlanta – Rio de Janeiro eff 11DEC11 Boeing 767-300 replace -400ER in W10 (Previously planned eff 30OCT11)
Atlanta – Rome Planned A330-200 service from 30OCT11 to 04JAN12 canceled. Service operates with 767-300ER for entire Winter 2011
Atlanta – San Salvador Boeing 737-800 operating. 757 replace 737-800 from 19NOV11 to 03JAN12 (Previously planned A319 in November 2011)
Atlanta – Santiago de Chile Boeing 767-400ER operating in NW11, replace -300ER in NW10
Atlanta – Sao Paulo 29OCT11 – 10DEC11 Boeing 767-300ER replace -400ER
Atlanta – Shanghai Pu Dong Boeing 777-200LR operating twice weekly
Atlanta – Tel Aviv 01SEP11 – 24MAR12 Service CANCELLED
Atlanta – Tokyo Narita 29OCT11 – 24MAR12 Boeing 777-200ER replace -200LR
Boston – London Heathrow Boeing 767-400ER continues operation in W11, previously planned to be replaced by -300ER
Chicago – Paris CDG 5 weekly 767-300ER service, replace AIRFRANCE A330-200
Detroit – Amsterdam DL248/249 operates with Boeing 767-300ER, replace planned A330-300 (A330-200 in W10). Overall service is 2 Daily A330-300 and 1 Daily 767-300ER

Detroit – Beijing Frequency and aircraft changes
03OCT11 – 24MAR12 Reduce from 5 to 4 weekly
29OCT11 – 24MAR12 Boeing 777-200LR replace -200ER for W11

Detroit – Hong Kong 25AUG11 – 24MAR12 Reduce from 5 weekly to 4 weekly. Boeing 777-200LR operating
Detroit – Sao Paulo eff 16DEC11 Increase from 5 weekly to Daily, Boeing 767-300ER oprating
Detroit – Seoul Incheon Winter 2011/12 season operates 5 times a week with a mix of Boeing 777-200ER/-200LR
777 Day 27 (Day 13 from ICN) 77L Day 136 (Day 247 from ICN)

Detroit – Shanghai Pu Dong 29OCT11 – 23MAR12 Boeing 777-200LR replace 747-400
Detroit – Tokyo Haneda 31AUG11 – 25APR12 Service Cancelled
Honolulu – Nagoya Winter service begins from 30OCT11 with 4 weekly flights, then increase to Daily from 01JAN12. 767 operating
Los Angeles – Tokyo Haneda 30OCT11 – 24MAR12 Airbus A330-200 replace Boeing 777-200ER
Los Angeles – Tokyo Narita 01OCT11 – 28OCT11 Boeing 777-200LR replace Airbus A330-300 (W11 season operates with A330-200, same as W10)
Memphis – Amsterdam 03OCT11 – 23MAR12 Reduce from Daily to 4 weekly. 767-300ER operating
Minneapolis – Liberia eff 07JAN12 New 1 weekly service with Boeing 737-800
Minneapolis – Tokyo Narita Boeing 777-200ER replace Boeing 747-400
New York JFK – Amman Cancellation Extended into W11 Season
New York JFK – Amsterdam Boeing 767-300ER continues operating in W11 (A330-200 in W10)
New York JFK – Athens Reduce from Daily to 5 weekly
New York JFK – Barcelona W11 service operates 5 weekly, reduced from Daily in W10. Boeing 767-300ER operating
New York JFK – Berlin Tegel 03SEP11 – 23MAR12 Service Cancelled
New York JFK – Cairo Service Remains Cancelled in W11
New York JFK – Copenhagen 12SEP11 – 23MAR12 Service Cancelled
New York JFK – Dakar 01SEP11 – 23MAR12 Reduce from 3 to 2 weekly
New York JFK – Dublin Winter service operates with Boeing 757, previously planned 767 cancelled (757 in W10)
New York JFK – Frankfurt 30OCT11 – 03JAN12 Boeing 767-300ER operating, replace 757
New York JFK – Grand Cayman Winter Service Cancelled
New York JFK – Madrid Reduce from Daily to 5 weekly, Boeing 767-300ER operating
New York JFK – Manchester 10SEP11 – 23MAR12 Service Cancelled
New York JFK – Milan Boeing 767-400ER operates Daily service in W11, compared to A330-200 in W10
New York JFK – Moscow Sheremetyevo Boeing 767-400ER replace -300ER (-300ER in W10)
New York JFK – Nice
29OCT11 – 08JAN12 Reduce from Daily to 4 weekly

New York JFK – Prague Winter season operates 5 weekly, same as W10 (previously planned Daily)
New York JFK – Puerto Plata Winter Service Cancelled
New York JFK – Sao Paulo eff 11DEC11 Boeing 767-400ER replace -300ER, Daily service
New York JFK – Shannon Winter service CANCELLED (4 weekly 757 in W10)
New York JFK – Stockholm 06SEP11 – 23MAR12 Service Cancelled
Philadelphia – Paris CDG 01SEP11 – 23MAR12 Service Cancelled
Portland OR – Amsterdam 01OCT11 – 23MAR12 Reduce from Daily to 5 weekly
Portland OR – Tokyo Narita 01OCT11 – 23MAR12 Reduce from Daily to 5 weekly, EXCEPT 18DEC11 to 08JAN12
San Francisco – Tokyo Narita 01OCT11 – 29FEB12 Reduce from Daily to 5 weekly, EXCEPT 19DEC11 to 08JAN12
Seattle – Beijing 03OCT11 – 23MAR12 Reduce from 5 to 4 weekly, Boeing 767-300ER operating
Seattle – Osaka Kansai 31OCT11 – 25FEB12 W11 service operates 4 weekly, a reduction from W10′s Daily service
Tokyo Narita – Bangkok Planned Boeing 767-300ER service in Oct 2011 Cancelled. A330-300 continues operation
Tokyo Narita – Hong Kong eff 30SEP11 Boeing 777-200ER replace -200LR (previously planned eff 30OCT11)
Tokyo Narita – Koror 24SEP11 – 27DEC11 Service Cancelled
Tokyo Narita – Singapore Airbus A330-200 replaced by
01OCT11 – 29OCT11 Boeing 777-200LR
29OCT11 – 24MAR12 Boeing 777-200ER (same aircraft from ATL NRT)

Tokyo Narita – Taipei 30OCT11 – 24MAR12 Airbus A330-200 replace Boeing 747-400 (757 in W10)