Virgin Australia Initial ATR72 Operational Routes: Update 2 as of 15AUG11

As per 15AUG11 Amadeus timetable display, Virgin Australia has updated planned ATR72-500 turboprop schedule, which the airline is due to launch the service starting mid-October 2011. The ATR72 aircraft is operated by Skywest Australia.

Fully updated details of planned ATR72 aircraft operational routes and its effective date as follows. Note these are currently appearing in Amadeus timetable only. Virgin Australia’s website booking system has not yet showing these changes at time this post goes to press.

Brisbane – Gladstone eff 17OCT11
DJ1709 BNE0615 – 0735GLT AT7 x67
DJ1715 BNE1540 – 1700GLT AT7 x6

DJ1712 GLT0805 – 0925BNE AT7 x67
DJ1718 GLT1730 – 1850BNE AT7 x6

Brisbane – Port Macquarie eff 19OCT11
DJ1766 BNE1000 – 1225PQQ AT7 D

DJ1763 PQQ1010 – 1030BNE AT7 x6
DJ1765 PQQ1325 – 1345BNE AT7 6

Sydney – Port Macquarie eff 19OCT11 2 Daily (Replace Embraer E190)
DJ1187 SYD0840 – 0940PQQ AT7 D
DJ1189 SYD1155 – 1255PQQ AT7 6
DJ1191 SYD1625 – 1725PQQ AT7 x6

DJ1186 PQQ1020 – 1125SYD AT7 6
DJ1188 PQQ1255 – 1400SYD AT7 D
DJ1192 PQQ1755 – 1900SYD AT7 x6

Sydney – Canberra eff 30OCT11 6 Daily (Remaining up to 3 Daily with Embraer E170/E190)
DJ632 SYD0805 – 0900CBR AT7 D
DJ642 SYD1105 – 1200CBR AT7 D
DJ650 SYD1405 – 1500CBR AT7 x6
DJ660 SYD1705 – 1800CBR AT7 D
DJ664 SYD1805 – 1900CBR AT7 6
DJ670 SYD1935 – 2030CBR AT7 x6
DJ672 SYD2005 – 2100CBR AT7 x6

DJ627 CBR0630 – 0720SYD AT7 x67
DJ629 CBR0715 – 0805SYD AT7 D
DJ639 CBR0930 – 1020SYD AT7 D
DJ647 CBR1230 – 1320SYD AT7 x6
DJ655 CBR1530 – 1620SYD AT7 D
DJ667 CBR1830 – 1920SYD AT7 D
DJ673 CBR2100 – 2150SYD AT7 5

DJ660/672 from SYD, DJ629 from CBR eff 19OCT11