Saudi Arabian Airlines Planned Boeing 777-300ER Routes and Configuration

As per 02NOV11 GDS timetable and inventory display, as well as the airline’s website, Saudi Arabian Airlines currently is scheduling March 2012 as service entry month for its newest Boeing 777-300ER fleet.

The airline currently has 12 on order, and the first unit is to arrive by February 2012, based on current operational plan. Configuration is J30Y383, and is indicated as 773.

Planned Boeing 777-300ER routes (Subject to change) as well as the seating configuration as follows:

Jeddah – Casablanca eff 01MAR12 3 weekly
Jeddah – Cairo 01MAR12 SV307/306
Jeddah – Kuala Lumpur eff 29FEB12 4 weekly
Jeddah – Riyadh – Kuala Lumpur eff 06MAR12 1 weekly
Riyadh – Jeddah – Casablanca eff 05MAR12 2 weekly
Riyadh – Kuala Lumpur eff 02MAR12 2 weekly

Boeing 777-300ER Configuration
Information is based on Seat map from the airline’s web booking
Business Class 30 Seats
Rows 1- 5
Layout AC – DEH – JL
Row 5 JL

Guest Class 383 Seats
Rows 30 – 72
Layout ABC – DEFH – JKL
Row 34 DEFH
Row 52 AC – DEFH – JKL
Row 53 AC – KL
Row 54 AC – DEFH – KL
Row 55 AC – DEFH – KL
Row 63 – 71 AC – DEFH – JL
Row 72 AC

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