Estonian Air S12 Operation as of 21NOV11

As per 21NOV11 GDS timetable and inventory display, changes to Estonian Air’s Summer 2012 operation as follows. The airline in S12 is adding 2 new destinations, while resumes additional 2 destinations.

Additional changes remain possible:

Tallinn – Brussels Increases from 6 to 10 weekly with new morning service (S11 was 4 weekly)
OV175 TLL0640 – 0815BRU CR9 x467
OV176 BRU0900 – 1230TLL CR9 x467

Tallinn – Copenhagen Increases from 19 to 20 weekly, with new Sunday morning service
OV141 TLL0640 – 0720CPH CR9 D
OV142 CPH0940 – 1215TLL CR9 D

Tallinn – Helsinki Service resumption with 18 weekly flights, eff 26MAR12
OV611 TLL1120 – 1150HEL SF3 x7
OV615 TLL1755 – 1825HEL SF3 x6
OV617 TLL2340 – 0010+1HEL SF3 x6

OV618 HEL0635 – 0705TLL SF3 x7
OV612 HEL1215 – 1245TLL SF3 x7
OV616 HEL1855 – 1925TLL SF3 x6

Tallinn – Kiev Increases from 3 weekly to Daily
OV311 TLL1305 – 1455KBP CR9 D
OV312 KBP1545 – 1730TLL CR9 D

Tallinn – Moscow Sheremetyevo Increases from Daily to 12 weekly (6 weekly in S11)
OV301 TLL0705 – 0945SVO CR9 x7
OV303 TLL1330 – 1610SVO CR9 x6

OV302 SVO1035 – 1120TLL CR9 x7
OV304 SVO1655 – 1735TLL CR9 x6

Tallinn – Nice Summer service operates twice weekly, increases from 1 in S11. New flight operates from 21JUN12 to 30AUG12
OV271 TLL0600 – 0810NCE CR9 4
OV272 NCE0845 – 1245TLL CR9 4

Tallinn – Oslo Increases from 5 to 12 weekly
OV133 TLL0750 – 0830OSL CR9 x67
OV135 TLL1330 – 1410OSL CR9 7
OV137 TLL1835 – 1915OSL CR9 x6

OV134 OSL0915 – 1145TLL CR9 x67
OV136 OSL1445 – 1715TLL CR9 7
OV138 OSL1955 – 2225TLL CR9 x6

Tallinn – Riga Service resumption with 17 weekly flights
OV641 TLL0800 – 0850RIX SF3 x7
OV641 TLL1355 – 1445RIX SF3 x67
OV645 TLL1755 – 1845RIX SF3 x6

OV642 RIX0950 – 1040TLL SF3 x7
OV644 RIX1555 – 1645TLL SF3 x67
OV646 RIX1910 – 2000TLL SF3 x6

Tallinn – St. Petersburg Service to maintain 12 weekly flights in Summer 2012, increased from 6 in S11
Tallinn – Stockholm Service Increases from 18 to 30 weekly
OV683 TLL1020 – 1035ARN SF3 x67
OV687 TLL2015 – 2030ARN SF3 x6

OV684 ARN1100 – 1310TLL SF3 x67
OV688 ARN2055 – 2305TLL SF3 x6

Tallinn – Trondheim NEW 4 weekly service eff 25MAR12
OV431 TLL1305 – 1345TRD CR9 x246
OV432 TRD1415 – 1655TLL CR9 x246

Tallinn – Vilnius Service Increases from 15 to 17 weekly

Reported on 06SEP11, Estonian Air is starting 7 weekly Tallinn – Jyväskylä service

Tallinn – Barcelona 2 weekly Summer service Cancelled
Tallinn – Berlin 3 weekly Service Cancelled
Tallinn – Kuressaare 8 weekly Summer service Cancelled
Tallinn – Milan Malpensa 1 weekly Summer service Cancelled