Air China S12 International Operation Changes as of 10FEB12

As per 10FEB12 GDS timetable and inventory display, Air China’s latest changes to planned Summer 2012 International operation as follows. Additional changes remain possible:


Beijing – Dusseldorf Planned service Increases from 4 weekly (Day x136) to 5 weekly (Day x13) from 03JUL12 is shelved
CA963 PEK1400 – 1845DUS 330 x136
CA964 DUS2045 – 1245+1PEK 330 x136

Beijing – Kuala Lumpur 10JUN12 – 30JUL12 Reduces from 5 weekly to 4 weekly (Day x146). Previous planned reduction date was 06JUN12 – 03AUG12
CA971 PEK1545 – 2200KUL 757 x14
CA972 KUL2340 – 0600+1PEK 757 x14

Beijing – Phuket Boeing 737-800 replaces 757-200. Planned 4 weekly service is now reduced to 2 weekly
CA821 PEK1950 – 0045+1HKT 738 15
CA822 HKT0145 – 0750PEK 738 26

Beijing – Stockholm Service to operate 5 times a week in Summer, reduced from Daily in S11
CA911 PEK1350 – 1720ARN 777 x26
CA912 ARN1910 – 0940+1PEK 777 x26

Beijing – Sydney Planned service increase from 4-5 weekly in NS11 to Daily in NS12 is cancelled. Service to maintain 5 times a week
CA173 PEK1650 – 0650+1SYD 330 x26
CA174 SYD2000 – 0550+1PEK 330 x37

Beijing – Taipei Taoyuan Revised operational aircraft changes
CA185/186 Airbus A330-300 operates Daily (Unchanged)
CA189/190 4 weekly service operates with 777-200 instead of planned A330-300. Regardless, this replaces existing 737-800 operation
CA185 PEK0835 – 1145TPE 333 D
CA189 PEK1405 – 1710TPE 772 x357

CA186 TPE1300 – 1625PEK 333 D
CA190 TPE1810 – 2140PEK 772 x357

Chengdu – Kathmandu NONSTOP service introduced from January 2012 is maintained in Summer 2012, twice weekly service
CA437 CTU0805 – 0900KTM 319 47
CA438 KTM1000 – 1505CTU 319 47

Hangzhou – Seoul Incheon Airbus A320 replaces A319, daily service
Shanghai Pu Dong – Sydney Service continues to operate 4 times a week with A330-200, and continues to originate to/from Beijing
Wenzhou – Taipei Taoyuan Planned NEW 3 weekly service due 26MAR12 is postponed due to airport issues. Planned schedule
CA835 WNZ1200 – 1300TPE 319 135
CA836 TPE1400 – 1500WNZ 319 135

Previously Reported Changes:
Beijing – Copenhagen 4 weekly service resumes eff 02JUN12, A330-200 operating
CA861 PEK1330 – 1720CPH 330 x135
CA862 CPH1920 – 1015+1PEK 330 x135

Beijing – Delhi Airbus A330-300 service on the 3 weekly flight continues to operate in Summer 2012 season (to be introduced from 01JAN12)
Beijing – Frankfurt Operational aircraft changes, due to start from 02FEB12, is maintained in Summer 2012 season. Service operates 1 Daily each of 747-400COMBI and 777-300ER
CA965 PEK0150 – 0610FRA 74E D
CA931 PEK1400 – 1815FRA 77W D

CA966 FRA1450 – 0625+1PEK 74E D
CA932 FRA2015 – 1135+1PEK 77W D

CA965/966 747-400COMBI replaces A330-200

Beijing – Hong Kong CA109/110 Planned A330-300 Daily operation is now cancelled. Service to continue operate with A330-200. Summer seasonal 7th Daily flight is now added
Beijing – London Gatwick NEW 4 weekly service eff 02MAY12, A330-200 operating
CA851 PEK0135 – 0550LGW 330 x246
CA852 LGW1315 – 0620+1PEK 330 x246

Beijing – Los Angeles
CA983/984 Service operates with Boeing 777-300ER on Daily basis (to be introduced from 02FEB12)
CA987/988 eff 01JUN12 Service increase from 4 weekly 747-400COMBI to Daily 777-300ER

CA987 PEK1400 – 1100LAX 74E x135
CA983 PEK2200 – 1900LAX 77W D

CA984 LAX0140 – 0520+1PEK 77W D
CA988 LAX1320 – 1700+1PEK 74E x135

CA987/988 from 01JUN12 operates Daily with 777-300ER

Beijing – Munich eff 18JUN12 Increases from 5 weekly to Daily. (2 weekly extends to Athens remains unchanged)
CA961 PEK0110 – 0530MUC 330 D
CA962 MUC1415 – 0610+1PEK 330 D

CA961 MUC0655 – 1030ATH 330 36
CA962 ATH1130 – 1255MUC 330 36

Beijing – Nagoya eff 25MAR12 Increase from Daily to 11 weekly
CA859 PEK0810 – 1210NGO 738 x246
CA860 NGO1310 – 1545PEK 738 x246

Beijing – New York JFK Daily Boeing 747-400PAX service, becoming the only 747-400PAX route within CA International network
Beijing – Osaka Kansai eff 25MAR12 Increases from 2 to 3 Daily
CA871 PEK1130 – 1530KIX 738 D
CA872 KIX1640 – 1850PEK 738 D

Beijing – Paris CDG Boeing 777-300ER replaces Airbus A330/340, eff 09MAR12
CA933 PEK1335 – 1840CDG 77W D
CA934 CDG2020 – 1225+1PEK 77W D

Beijing – Saipan Planned 2 weekly Boeing 777-200 service from 25MAR12 is now shelved without new launch date.
Beijing – Sapporo Frequency Increases
25MAR12 – 19JUL12 Increases from 3 weekly (Day 367) to 4 weekly (Day x145)
20JUL12 – 27OCT12 Increases from 4 to 5 weekly (Day x14)

CA169 PEK0800 – 1250CTS 738 x145
CA169 PEK1230 – 1720CTS 738 5

CA170 CTS1350 – 1715PEK 738 x145
CA170 CTS1820 – 2145PEK 738 5

Beijing – Singapore Airbus A330-300 service on 2 Daily nonstop flight continues to operate in Summer 2012 season (to be introduced from 01JAN12)

Beijing – Tokyo Narita CA167/168 4 weekly service operates with Airbus A321, replaces Boeing 737-800. Overall frequency on this sector remains 18 weekly
Beijing – Vancouver Further Reduces from 10 weekly to Daily in S12
CA991 PEK1550 – 1150YVR 330 D
CA992 YVR1350 – 1615+1PEK 330 D

Beijing – Dalian – Sendai Service to resume from 25MAR12, 2 weekly
Beijing – Shanghai Pu Dong – Melbourne NS12 service operates 5 times a week, increases from 4 weekly in NS11
Beijing – Shanghai Pu Dong – Sendai Service to resume from 25MAR12, 2 weekly. Service to increase to 3 weekly from 12JUL12
Chengdu – Tokyo Narita Service Remains Cancelled
Chengdu – Beijing – Tokyo Narita Airbus A320 replaces Airbus A319. Previously to be operated by A321
Hangzhou – Osaka Kansai eff 02JUL12 NEW 3 weekly Airbus A319 service
CA847 HGH0900 – 1220KIX 319 136
CA848 KIX1320 – 1450HGH 319 136

Hangzhou – Tokyo Narita Planned NEW 4 weekly service eff 01JUL12 is now cancelled. Previous plan was to be operated by Airbus A319, CA845/846
Shanghai Pu Dong – Fukuoka Airbus A320 replaces Boeing 737-800, daily service
Shanghai Pu Dong – Milan Malpensa Service increases from 5 weekly A340-300 to Daily A330-200, eff 25MAR12
CA967 PVG0130 – 0805MXP 330 D
CA968 MXP1230 – 0550+1PVG 330 D

Shanghai Pu Dong – Osaka Kansai Operational Aircraft Changes resulting capacity increase
CA921/922 Airbus A340-300 replaces Airbus A321, daily service (However Day 3 service operates with Airbus A320)
CA163/164 Airbus A340-300 replaces Boeing 737-800

Shanghai Pu Dong – Paris CDG Service resumption from 10MAR12, operating 5 weekly with A340-300
CA833 PVG0015 – 0640CDG 340 x24
CA834 CDG1220 – 0540+1PVG 340 x24

Shanghai Pu Dong – Tokyo Narita Operational Aircraft Changes. All service operates Daily
CA929/930 Airbus A340-300 replaces Boeing 777-200
CA919/920 Airbus A321 replaces A320
CA157/158 Boeing 737-800 remains unchanged

Shanghai Pu Dong – Chengdu – Mumbai eff 02MAY12 NEW 4 weekly service with Airbus A319
CA429 PVG1700 – 2010CTU2130 – 0020+1BOM 319 x246
CA430 BOM0140 – 0850CTU1000 – 1240PVG 319 x357