Transaero to Start Moscow Vnukovo Service from July 2012

Russian carrier Transaero starting 01JUL12 is starting operation out of Moscow Vnukovo airport, with flights to Blagoveschensk, Magadan and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Schedules and details regarding VKO as follows.

The airline today held a joint press conference with Vnukovo airport, which sees UN some of its Moscow Domodedovo operation to Vnukovo. UN claims Domodedovo Airport’s development rate is unable to match the airline’s. Moving selected flights from DME to VKO will free up capacity at DME in the interim. The airline also reached an agreement with Vnukovo Airport to build MRO hangar to faciliate UN’s Boeing 747-8I and Airbus A380 aircraft, which suggests high-capacity long-haul service will eventually move from DME to VKO, although the airline claims this is “under consideration”.

As of 21FEB12 GDS timetable and inventory display, UN has opened reservation for Moscow Vnukovo service. Based on schedule listing, it appears that the airline choose to add new flights on existing market out of VKO instead of DME.

Moscow Vnukovo – Blagoveschensk
UN197 VKO1925 – 0900+1BQS 763 7
UN198 BQS1130 – 1335VKO 763 1

Moscow Vnukovo – Magadan eff 01JUL12
UN177 VKO1900 – 1035+1GDX 763 15
UN178 GDX1300 – 1335VKO 763 26

Moscow Vnukovo – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky eff 01JUL12
UN139 VKO1950 – 1250+1PKC 763 4
UN139 VKO1955 – 1250+1PKC 763 26

UN140 PKC1530 – 1655VKO 763 35
UN140 PKC1530 – 1710VKO 763 7

Service to Kiev and Tel Aviv is also to be served from Vnukovo, but not reflected in the GDS for the moment.