British Airways W12 Long-Haul Operation Changes as of 05JUL12

As per 05JUL12 GDS timetable display, latest changes to British Airways’ Winter 2012 Long-Haul Operation, effective 28OCT12, as follows. As always further changes are expected.

Additional changes remain possible:

London Heathrow – Amman Daily service to continue operated by bmi aircraft, with unified operational schedule
BA8174 LHR1140 – 1855AMM 321 23
BA8176 LHR1140 – 1855AMM 321 x23

BA8175 AMM0825 – 1225LHR 321 34
BA8177 AMM0825 – 1225LHR 321 x34

London Heathrow – Beirut 7 of 10 weekly service operates with bmi Airbus A321 aircraft. Remaining 3 will operate as codeshare that carries both BA/BD flight numbers (See below)
London Heathrow – Casablanca Service operates 4 weekly in W12 with bmi Airbus A319 aircraft, same as W11
London Heathrow – Chicago
BA297/296 operated by Boeing 777-300ER on daily basis (Unchanged)
BA295/294 operates with 4-class Boeing 777-200ER, replacing 747-400

London Heathrow – Dallas Planned Boeing 777-300ER service is cancelled. Boeing 747-400 continues operation on daily basis
London Heathrow – Dubai BA105/104 4-class Boeing 777-200ER replaces 767-300ER, overall capacity increase compared to W11
London Heathrow – Entebbe Revised operational day to Day 247 from LHR, Day 135 from EBB
London Heathrow – Houston W12 to maintain 1 daily each of 777-200ER and 747-400, replacing previously planned 2 daily 777-200ER
London Heathrow – Jeddah* Operational day changes from Day x36 to Day x12 (JED departs next day)
London Heathrow – Miami 3rd Daily service, BA205/204, introduced in Summer 2012, will maintain operation. However this will be operated by 4-class 777-200ER instead of 747-400
London Heathrow – Lusaka* Operational day changes from Day 357 to Day 257 (LUN departs next day)
London Heathrow – Shanghai Pu Dong Service operates with 777-200ER 6 times a week in Winter season as usual. However it’ll operate 4-class 777-200ER in W12, instead of previously planned 4 weekly 4-class and 2 weekly 3-class
London Heathrow – Toronto
BA093/092 4-class Boeing 777-200ER continues operation, replacing planned 747-400
BA099/098 Boeing 767-300ER replacing 777-200ER in W11 (unchanged)

*On 04JUL12, Airline Route reported that British Airways is increasing service to Jeddah and Lusaka. However, these flights were being reported in the middle of the airline’s schedule change, which lasted for 3-6 hours. They turned out to be operational day changes, not flight increases

bmi operation (Following bmi operation that carries “BD” code remains unchanged compared to S12 as well as W11):
London Heathrow – Almary – Amritsar* 3 weekly A330-200
London Heathrow – Baku – Bishkek* 3 weekly A321
London Heathrow – Baku – Tbilisi* 4 weekly A321
London Heathrow – Beirut – Khartoum* 3 weekly A321
London Heathrow – Cairo 1 Daily A321
London Heathrow – Freetown* 3 weekly A330-200
London Heathrow – Riyadh – Dammam 3 weekly A330-200
London Heathrow – Riyadh – Jeddah 3 weekly A330-200
London Heathrow – Yerevan – Tehran* 1 Daily A321

Routes marked with * represents BA code being displayed on bmi flights that also carries “BD” flight number (BA does not codeshare with bmi to Tehran and Amritsar. 3 of 10 weekly flights to Beirut carries both BA and BD code)

British Airways Limited (BA Ltd):
British Airways Limited has assumed existing British Airways Plc 11 weekly London City – Shannon – New York JFK – London City Airbus A318 service since 11JUN12

Previously reported changes:
London Heathrow – Accra First Class service on 777-200ER is only available on Thursdays and Fridays in W12
London Heathrow – Agadir 2 weekly service operated by BA, operating on weekends. This replaces existing bmi operation on Day 26
London Heathrow – Cairo Boeing 747-400 replacing 777-200ER from 01OCT12
London Heathrow – Cape Town BA042 from CPT shifts from morning hours departure in NW11 back to evening departure in NW12
BA043 LHR1735 – 0700+1CPT 744 D
BA059 LHR1930 – 0855+1CPT 744 D

BA058 CPT2050 – 0625+1LHR 744 D
BA042 CPT2220 – 0800+1LHR 744 D

London Heathrow – Hong Kong Service to continue operate 14 weekly level. Planned 17 weekly service cancelled
London Heathrow – Johannesburg Service to continue operate 14 weekly level. Planned 17 weekly service cancelled
London Heathrow – Luanda Service continues to operate with 4-class Boeing 777-200ER twice a week. Previously 1 of 2 weekly to be operated with 3-class aircraft
London Heathrow – Marrakech bmi operation reduces from 5 to 3 weekly
London Heathrow – Mumbai BA139/138 operates with Boeing 777-300ER, replaces 747-400 in W11
London Heathrow – Newark Boeing 747-400 aircraft to operate this route once again
BA185/184 744 Day 457 767 Day 1 772 Day 236
BA187/186 744 Day 2 767 Day 35 772 Day x235 (3-class 772)
BA189/188 744 Day 6 772 Day x6
London Heathrow – New York JFK 8 Daily service continues in Winter 2012/13. Latest planned operational aircraft as follows.
BA113/116 Daily 777-200ER service (previously planned mix of 744 and 772)
BA177/174 4 weekly 747-400 + 3 weekly 777-200ER
BA115/114 6 weekly 747-400 + 1 weekly 777-200ER
BA179/182 4 weekly 747-400 + 2 weekly 777-200ER

777-300ER service is not available on LHR JFK in W12

London Heathrow – Phoenix eff 01DEC12 Service increases from 6 weekly to daily
London Heathrow – Riyadh No First Class service on Day 3 from LHR, Day 4 from RUH. 777-200ER operating
London Heathrow – Seoul Incheon eff 02DEC12 Service resumption, with 6 weekly 4-class 777-200ER service
London Heathrow – Washington Dulles No First Class service on Day 7 on BA265/264/ 777-200ER operating
London Gatwick – Algiers Service reduces from daily to 5 weekly in Winter 2012 (1 Daily in W11)
London Gatwick – Kingston 3rd weekly service introduced in Summer 2012 is maintained in Winter 2012
London Gatwick – Las Vegas NEW 3 weekly service with 3-class 777-200ER
London Gatwick – Marrakech Service increases from 3 weekly to daily