Malaysia Airlines to Retire Boeing 747 Aircraft in late-Nov 2012

2nd Update at 0530GMT 19JUL12

As per 19JUL12 GDS inventory display, Malaysia Airlines is retiring Boeing 747 aircraft from its operation, which sees last flight operates MH004/001 Kuala Lumpur – London Heathrow on 24NOV12, followed by Kuala Lumpur – Sydney MH123/122.

Last flight, MH122, departs Sydney on 25NOV12.


Kuala Lumpur – London Heathrow Schedule from 25NOV12
MH004 KUL1045 – 1615LHR 772 D
MH002 KUL2355 – 0525+1LHR 380 D

MH003 LHR1050 – 0710+1KUL 380 D
MH001 LHR2200 – 1820+1KUL 772 D

Kuala Lumpur – Sydney Schedule from 25NOV12
MH141 KUL0900 – 1955SYD 772 D
MH123 KUL2250 – 0945+1SYD 380 D

MH122 SYD1540 – 2050KUL 380 D
MH140 SYD2155 – 0320+1KUL 772 D

MH122 operates with A380 from 26NOV12

Screenshot of last 747 service to London.

MAS’ First Boeing 747 entered service on 15APR82, according to OAG Schedules iNet, initial operation:
15APR82 1 weekly Kuala Lumpur – Dubai – Paris CDG – London Heathrow
16APR82 3 weekly Kuala Lumpur – Melbourne – Sydney vv
17APR82 1 weekly Kuala Lumpur – Dubai – Amsterdam – London Heathrow
18APR82 2 weekly Kuala Lumpur – Kuwait – Frankfurt – London Heathrow

Original update at 0400GMT 19JUL12

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