Emirates W12 Operation Changes as of 03AUG12

As per 03AUG12 GDS timetable and inventory display, latest changes to Emirates’ Winter 2012/13 operation as follows. Additional changes remain possible:

Dubai – Beirut Frequency Increases
28OCT12 – 30DEC12 Service increases from 14 to 18 weekly
eff 31DEC12 Service increases from 18 to 21 weekly

Dubai – Cape Town Gradual aircraft changes to Airbus A340-300
EK772 DXB0350 – 1140CPT 343 D
EK770 DXB0850 – 1625CPT 343 D

EK773 CPT1330 – 0120+1DXB 343 D
EK771 CPT1810 – 0535+1DXB 343 D

EK770/771 operates with Airbus A340-300 instead of Boeing 777-300ER from 01FEB13
EK772/773 operates with Airbus A340-300 instead of -500 from 01MAR13 (Service suspended from 01SEP12 to 30NOV12)

Dubai – Singapore
eff 01SEP12 Boeing 777-300ER replaces -200LR
eff 28OCT12 EK354/355 operational schedule change
EK354 DXB0325 – 1440SIN 77W D (Unchanged)
EK355 SIN2135 – 0100+1DXB 77W D (Previous planned schedule EK355 SIN0200 – 0525DXB)

Airbus A340-300
As a result of latest A340-300 operation assignment, last Emirates A340-300 flight is currently scheduled on 30MAR13 as EK771. Previous initial plan for final Airbus A340-300 flight was on 28FEB13, Venice – Dubai EK138

Previously reported changes:
Dubai – Adelaide eff 01NOV12 NEW 4 weekly service with 3-class 777-300ER. Daily from 01FEB13
EK440 DXB0200 – 2050ADL 77W D
EK441 ADL2235 – 0515+1DXB 77W D

Service operates Day x136 from 01NOV12 to 31JAN13

Dubai – Athens eff 01OCT12 Airbus A340-500 replaces Boeing 777-300
Dubai – Colombo – Singapore eff 01DEC12 2-class Boeing 777-300ER replaces 3-class 777-300
Dubai – Copenhagen eff 01OCT12 Boeing 777-300ER with Suites replaces -200
Dubai – Dammam eff 28OCT12 Service increases from 7 to 10 weekly
Dubai – Dar es Salaam eff 01FEB13 2-class 777-300ER replaces A340-500, no First Class service (Previously to start from 01MAR13)
Dubai – Frankfurt eff 01OCT12 EK043/044 Boeing 777-300ER with Suites replaces A330-200
Dubai – Glasgow eff 01JAN13 EK025/026 Boeing 777-300ER with First Class Suite replaces Airbus A340-300
Dubai – Ho Chi Minh eff 28OCT12 2-class Boeing 777-300ER replaces A330-200
Dubai – Hong Kong Operational aircraft changes on EK382/383
01SEP12 – 27OCT12 Airbus A340-300 replaces A330-200
28OCT12 – 31JAN13 Airbus A340-300 replaces 777-300ER

Dubai – Hyderabad eff 01MAR13 EK526/527 operates with A340-500, replaces -300
Dubai – Istanbul eff 01JAN13 EK123/124 2-class Boeing 777-300ER replaces -200, 4 weekly
Dubai – Jeddah 18 weekly service maintained. EK801/802 (4 weekly service) operates with Boeing 777-300ER from 01JAN13, replacing A330-200
Dubai – Johannesburg eff 01DEC12 Airbus A380 service resumes on EK761/762
Dubai – Larnaca – Malta
01OCT12 – 31JAN13 Airbus A340-300 replaces A330-200
eff 01FEB13 Boeing 777-200 replaces A340-300

Dubai – Lisbon eff 01FEB13 Boeing 777-300ER replaces -200ER
Dubai – London Gatwick eff 28OCT12 EK011/012 3-class Boeing 777-300ER with First Class replaces -200ER
Dubai – London Heathrow Operational aircraft change
28OCT12 – 09DEC12 EK007/008 operates with A380, replaces 777-300ER (A380 operates on 4 of 5 daily LHR flights)
eff 10DEC12 EK029/030 operates with A380, replaces 777-300ER (All 5 daily LHR services operates with 517-seater A380)

Dubai – Lusaka – Harare eff 01OCT12 Service increases from 5 weekly to daily, A330-200 operating
Dubai – Lyon eff 05DEC12 NEW 5 weekly service with A340-500
EK081 DXB1435 – 1900LYS 345 x47
EK082 LYS2055 – 0615+1DXB 345 x47

Dubai – Melbourne – Auckland eff 01OCT12 487-seater Airbus A380 operates Daily, replacing Boeing 777-300ER
Dubai – Moscow Domodeodovo Operational aircraft change
eff 01DEC12 517-seater Airbus A380 enters operation as EK131/132, replacing 777-300ER
eff 01MAR13 EK133/134 Boeing 777-300ER replaces A340-500 (Overall 1 daily 777-300ER / A380)

Dubai – New York JFK eff 01JAN13 2 Daily 487-seater A380 service, replaces 1 daily each of A380 and 777-300ER
Dubai – Nice eff 01OCT12 Boeing 777-300 replaces Airbus A340-500 (A340-500 replaces -300 in Sep 2012)
Dubai – Paris CDG Operational aircraft change and frequency increase
eff 28OCT12 Increases from 18 to 19 weekly
eff 01JAN13 Introduction of second daily Airbus A380, operating as EK075/076 (Overall 2 daily 517-seater A380 and 5 weekly 777-300ER)

Dubai – Perth Service increases from 14 to 19 weekly from 01DEC12, 21 weekly from 01MAR13
EK422 DXB2145 – 1225+1PER 77W x47
EK423 PER1530 – 2225DXB 77W x15

EK422/423 operates daily from 01MAR13

Dubai – Phuket eff 10DEC12 NEW Daily 3-class Airbus A330-200 service
EK378 DXB1245 – 2155HKT 332 D
EK379 HKT0035 – 0435DXB 332 D

Dubai – Riyadh eff 28OCT12 Service increases from 17 to 21 weekly
Dubai – Rome eff 01OCT12 Planned introduction of 3rd daily service, EK099/100, is cancelled
Dubai – St. Petersburg eff 01DEC12 Daily Airbus A340-500 operation, replacing 6 weekly A340-300 and 1 weekly -500
Dubai – Tunis eff 01DEC12 3-class Boeing 777-300ER replaces A340-500. Loss of First Class Suite service
Dubai – Venice Airbus A340-500 gradually replacing A340-300
eff 31DEC12 EK135/136 A340-500 replaces -300 on Day 246
eff 02JAN13 EK137/138 A340-500 replaces -300 on Day 357
eff 04MAR13 Airbus A340-500 replaces -300 on all 2 daily flights

Dubai – Warsaw eff 06FEB13 NEW Daily service with A330-200
EK179 DXB0730 – 1045WAW 332 D
EK180 WAW1350 – 2215DXB 332 D

Dubai – Washington Dulles eff 12SEP12 NEW Daily service to be operated by Boeing 777-200LR, replacing previously planned -300ER