DELTA S13 Europe Operation Changes as of 24NOV12

As per 24NOV12 GDS timetable and inventory display, latest DELTA Summer 2013 European operation changes as follows. As always, additional changes remain possible.

Atlanta – London Heathrow eff 30MAR13 Summer 2013 operation sees increase from 18 weekly in S12 to 21 weekly in S13
DL038 ATL1800 – 0730+1LHR 764 D
DL084 ATL2135 – 1105+1LHR 767 D
DL010 ATL2245 – 1215+1LHR 764 D

DL039 LHR0945 – 1415ATL 764 D
DL085 LHR1250 – 1730ATL 767 D
DL009 LHR1425 – 1900ATL 764 D

Atlanta – Madrid eff 01JUN13 Boeing 767-400ER replaces -300ER
New York JFK – Madrid eff 31MAR13 Boeing 767-400ER replaces -300ER
New York JFK – Reykjavik 02JUN13 – 01SEP13 Service operates 5 weekly (Day x26 from JFK, Day x37 from KEF), increases to 6 weekly (Day x2/x3) from 25JUN13. The airline previously planned to operate daily service from 24MAY13

Previously reported changes:
Atlanta – Amsterdam
eff 31MAR13 Service increases from 20 weekly in S12 to 21 weekly in S13. DL will operate 3 daily from 30MAR13 instead of from 24MAY13
eff 01JUN13 DL033/034 operates with A330-300, replacing 767-300ER (DL033/034 operates until 02SEP13)
DL174 ATL1515 – 0555+1AMS 332 D
DL238 ATL1740 – 0825+1AMS 333 D
DL033 ATL1945 – 1040+1AMS 333 D

DL175 AMS0900 – 1225ATL 332 D
DL239 AMS1105 – 1445ATL 333 D
DL032 AMS1305 – 1620ATL 333 D

Atlanta – Paris CDG eff 30MAR13 Resumption of 2nd daily 767-400ER service (DL042/043; 30MAR13 – 30APR13 operated by 767-300ER)
DL028 ATL1520 – 0610+1CDG 767 D
DL042 ATL2335 – 1415+1CDG 764 D

DL043 CDG0820 – 1205ATL 767 D
DL029 CDG1610 – 2000ATL 764 D

Note the airline previously planned 3 daily 767 service from 30MAR13

Boston – Amsterdam eff 30MAR13 Service operates with 2 daily A330, replaces planned 1 daily each of 767 and A330
DL230 BOS1650 – 0550+1AMS 333 D
DL266 BOS1920 – 0815+1AMS 332 D

DL231 AMS1110 – 1300BOS 333 D
DL267 AMS1450 – 1650BOS 332 D

DL266/267 previously to be operated by Boeing 767-300ER

Boston – Paris CDG eff 01JUN13 Seasonal service resumes with Daily 757-200. DL last operated this route from 26MAR11 to 28OCT11 with 757
Detroit – Paris CDG Service to operate year-round, A330-300 continues to operate in S13, replacing 767-300ER in S12
Memphis – Amsterdam 4 weekly Summer service cancelled
Newark – Paris CDG eff 10JUN13 NEW Daily 767-300ER service
New York JFK – Amsterdam
eff 30MAR13 DL205 operates daily flight with JFK night-time departure on A330-200 (previously planned 767-300ER), replacing DL070 afternoon JFK departure. From AMS, DL071 continues operation
eff 16MAY13 DL070 from JFK resumes operation, while DL204 begins operating from AMS. This will be the 2nd daily flight for Summer season, on board Boeing 767-300ER (AMS from 17MAY13)

DL070 JFK1610 – 0600+1AMS 767 D
DL205 JFK2020 – 1000+1AMS 332 D

DL204 AMS0910 – 1125JFK 767 D
DL071 AMS1030 – 1250JFK 332 D

New York JFK – Istanbul service for Summer 2013 season. The Skyteam member now plans to start operation for the season from 27APR13, instead of 24MAY13
New York JFK – Stockholm Summer service begins from 01JUN13 instead of 24MAY13, Boeing 757 operating
New York JFK – Valencia Summer service cancelled