Gulf Air Further Service Reductions from mid-Jan 2013

As per 14JAN13 GDS timetable and inventory display, Gulf Air further downsizes its operation from mid-January 2013. Latest summary as follows.

Bahrain – Beirut eff 15JAN13 Service reduce from 10 to 6 weekly
Bahrain – Chennai Service reduction has been in effect, however the airline has reduced from 14 to 10 weekly, and further reduce to 9 weekly from 26JAN13 (Previously planned to reduce to 13 weekly)
Bahrain – Copenhagen eff 05FEB13 4 weekly service cancelled (Service reduce from daily to 4 weekly from 21JAN13, previously planned reduction to 6 weekly)
Bahrain – Dubai eff 15JAN13 Service reduce from 49 to 47 weekly
Bahrain – Muscat eff 10JAN13 Service reduce from 28 to 20 weekly

Previously reported reductions and cancellations from mid-Jan 2013:
Bahrain – Aden Cancelled since 11JAN13
Bahrain – Bangkok eff 21JAN13 Service reduce from 7 to 6 weekly
Bahrain – Colombo eff 10FEB13 Service cancelled (Currently service operates 7 weekly)
Bahrain – Dhaka eff 04MAR13 Service cancelled (From 22JAN13, service reduce from 12 to 10 weekly)
Bahrain – Frankfurt eff 15JAN13 Service reduce from 12 to 7 weekly (Previously planned reduce to 10 weekly)
Bahrain – Erbil Cancelled since 30DEC12
Bahrain – Kabul Cancelled since 30DEC12
Bahrain – Kathmandu eff 24MAR13 Service cancelled (Operation has been reduced from 14 to 8 weekly instead of 10, further reduction to 4-5 weekly from 06FEB13)
Bahrain – Khartoum Service reduce from 11 to 7 weekly
Bahrain – Manila eff 03FEB13 Service reduce from 11 to 7 weekly
Bahrain – Paris CDG eff 13JAN13 Service reduce from 9 to 7 weekly
Bahrain – Rome eff 22JAN13 4 weekly service cancelled