(Update 9) Boeing 787 Service Replacement Plan 19JAN13 – 31JAN13

9th Update at 0400GMT 23JAN13 (Revised information on JAL). Various updates throughout the day remain possible.

As per 23JAN13 GDS inventory display, latest Boeing 787 service replacement plan, between 19JAN13 and 31JAN13, by all 8 operators are listed below. Note further changes remain highly possible based on airline’s daily operation assessment.

Air India
787 Replacement schedule until 26JAN13 for Domestic and Dubai, 23JAN13 for Long-Haul
Delhi – Bangalore
19JAN13 Airbus A330-200 (Operating as Delhi – Chennai – Bangalore – Delhi)
20JAN13 Boeing 747-400 (Operating as Delhi – Chennai – Bangalore – Delhi)
21JAN13 Airbus A320
22JAN13 – 26JAN13 Cancelled. Service replaced by AI439 Delhi – Chennai – Bangalore – Delhi

21JAN13 Airbus A319
22JAN13 – 26JAN13 Airbus A320

Delhi – Chennai AI439/430
19JAN13* Airbus A330-200
20JAN13* Boeing 747-400
21JAN13 Airbus A320
22JAN13 – 26JAN13* Airbus A330-200

*Service operates via Bangalore on inbound flight
AI439 DEL0655 – 0945MAA1040 – 1130BLR1225 – 1510DEL

Delhi – Dubai AI995/996 (Effective date: DEL departure, DXB departs next day)
18JAN13 – 19JAN13 Boeing 747-400
20JAN13 – 21JAN13 Airbus A321
22JAN13 – 26JAN13 Airbus A330-200

Delhi – Kolkata AI020/701
19JAN13 Boeing 747-400
20JAN13 – 26JAN13 Airbus A330-200 (21JAN13 currently displays Boeing 787)

Delhi – Frankfurt / Delhi – Paris CDG
19JAN13 Service combined as Delhi – Frankfurt – Paris CDG – Delhi with 777-300ER (Service on 20JAN13 is being revised to following)
AI121 DEL1335 – 1755FRA2100 – 2200CDG 77W
AI142 CDG2300 – 1125+1DEL 77W

20JAN13 – 24JAN13 Boeing 777-300ER operates Delhi – Frankfurt and -200LR operates Delhi – Paris CDG
AI121 DEL1335 – 1755FRA 77W
AI120 FRA2130 – 0935+1DEL 77W

AI143 DEL1310 – 1805CDG 77L
AI142 CDG2130 – 1005+1DEL 77L

Reservation for Frankfurt is closed until 25JAN13 (inclusive); Paris CDG until 27JAN13 (inclusive)

787 Replacement schedule is in effect with variation. As of 21JAN13, this is being extended until 28JAN13 at the earliest
Tokyo Haneda – Beijing Boeing 767 replaces 787 until 27JAN13 (20JAN13 service is Cancelled)
Tokyo Haneda – Frankfurt Boeing 777 replaces 787 until 28JAN13
Tokyo Narita – San Jose CA* 19JAN13 – 28JAN13 Cancelled
Tokyo Narita – Seattle*
Following dates operated by Boeing 777 instead of 787: 19JAN13, 21JAN13, 23JAN13, 25JAN13, 27JAN13^
Following dates cancelled: 20JAN13, 22JAN13, 24JAN13, 26JAN13, 28JAN13

* Reservation is not available until 31JAN13. Operation remains pending
^ Operation remains unchanged on this date as it was scheduled to be operated by Boeing 777

Following flights, not operated by Boeing 787, are cancelled due to aircraft redeployment:
Tokyo Haneda – Seoul Gimpo NH1163/1164 28JAN13
Tokyo Narita – Beijing NH905/906 24JAN13 – 26JAN13, 28JAN13

A Number of domestic flights will be cancelled or replaced by other aircraft. Number of cancellations will be gradually lowered as the airline continues to redeploy other aircraft type to replace previously planned 787 operation. Other non-787 operating flights will also see aircraft changes due to redeployment.

Ethiopian Airlines
787 replacement schedule in effect until 31JAN13 (inclusive)
Addis Ababa – Frankfurt Boeing 767 replaces 787 (757 operates from 17JAN13 to 19JAN13 and 23JAN13, 24JAN13)
Addis Ababa – Johannesburg Boeing 767 replaces 787 (777-200LR on 21JAN13/22JAN13)
Addis Ababa – Harare – Lusaka – Addis Ababa Planned 787 operation on certain days replaced by 767 (Including Addis Ababa – Lusaka – Harare – Addis Ababa)
Addis Ababa – Rome – Toronto – Addis Ababa 777-200LR replaces 787
Addis Ababa – Rome – Washington Dulles – Addis Ababa 777-200LR replaces 787

787 replacement schedule in effect until 31JAN13 (inclusive. Latest operation changes from 23JAN13 to 31JAN13 please refer to following link)
Tokyo Haneda – Beijing Boeing 767 replaces 787 (From 18JAN13 – 23JAN13, this route was displaying Tokyo Haneda – Frankfurt due to error)
Tokyo Haneda – Singapore Boeing 767 replaces 787
Tokyo Narita – Boston Boeing 777 replaces 787. On 20JAN13, 23JAN13 and 25JAN13, service operates with revised schedule at evening hours
JL008 NRT1725 – 1605BOS 777 20JAN13/25JAN13
JL008 NRT1730 – 1610BOS 777 23JAN13
JL007 BOS1800 – 2140+1NRT 777 20JAN13/23JAN13/25JAN13

Tokyo Narita – Moscow Domodedovo Boeing 777 replaces 787
Tokyo Narita – San Diego Cancelled
Tokyo Narita – Singapore Boeing 767 replaces 787 (JL710 on 26JAN13 also operates with 767)

LAN Airlines
Replacement aircraft on existing Boeing 787 flights are not reflected in the GDS, including Santiago de Chile – Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile – Lima and Santiago de Chile – Los Angeles. However FLIFO (Flight Information) is displaying 767-300ER operating.

LOT Polish Airlines
787 replacement schedule extended till 05FEB13 (Inclusive), which affects planned inaugural on Warsaw – New York JFK and Warsaw – Toronto route. Click here for info. Warsaw – Chicago operation continues to be operated by Boeing 767 until 05FEB13.

QATAR Airways
787 replacement schedule varies
Doha – Dubai Planned Boeing 787 service discontinued (Previously to operate from 29JAN13 and ends on 31JAN13)
Doha – Kuwait Boeing 787 service discontinued (Previously to resume from 25JAN13; Prior to Boeing 787 grounding, QR planned to remove 787 operation from this route from 01FEB13)
Doha – London Heathrow Planned Boeing 787 service on QR075/076 cancelled till 31JAN13 (includsive; instead of till 23JAN13; Planned A330-200 operation on 21JAN13 is cancelled)
Doha – Munich Planned Boeing 787 service until 31JAN13 (inclusive) is replaced by A330
Doha – Zurich Planned Boeing 787 service until 31JAN13 (inclusive) is replaced by A330

787 replacement schedule on International service is being extended till 16FEB13 inclusive
Houston – Lagos CO 2-class Boeing 777-200ER continues operation from 30JAN13 to 15FEB13
Los Angeles – Tokyo Narita UA 3-class Boeing 777-200ER replaces 787

Domestic Boeing 787 operation replaced by other aircraft types. These may not be reflected on general timetable listing, but has can be found on flight status section on the website or GDS FLIFO.

Previously planned Boeing 787 operation from 17JAN13 to 30MAR13, can be found here.