China Airlines Group S13 Asia Operation Changes as of 29JAN13

2nd Update at 0840GMT 29JAN13

As per 29JAN13 GDS timetable and inventory display, planned changes to China Airlines’ Group Summer 2013 Asia operation as follows. Note for Kaohsiung service, effective date of planned operation changes is from 01JUL13, while the rest begins from 31MAR13, or specified date.

China Airlines operation (CI)
Kaohsiung – Bangkok eff 09APR13 Airbus A330-300 replaces Boeing 737-800, 5 weekly service
Kaohsiung – Chongqing CI 737-800 operating once again, replacing AE E190. Service operates twice weekly
Kaohsiung – Osaka Kansai Operational aircraft and frequency changes
31MAR13 – 29JUN13 Airbus A330-300 replaces Boeing 737-800, 2 weekly
eff 03JUL13 Boeing 737-800 operating, operational schedule moves from noon departure from KHH to morning hours. Overall service increases to 4 weekly (Day x145) and 5 weekly (Day x14) from 12JUL13
CI166 KHH0735 – 1135KIX 738 x14
CI167 KIX1235 – 1450KHH 738 x14

Kaohsiung – Tokyo Narita Planned operational day changes from Day 47 to Day 14. Operational schedule changes in effect
CI102 KHH0700 – 1130NRT 738 14
CI103 NRT1230 – 1520KHH 738 14

Taipei Taoyuan – Bangkok Service increases from 3 to 4 daily
CI837 TPE2250 – 0130+1BKK 738 D
CI838 BKK0230 – 0710TPE 738 D

Taipei Taoyuan – Chengdu 1 of 2 weekly service operated by Boeing 747-400, replacing A330-300
Taipei Taoyuan – Jakarta eff 18APR13 Airbus A340-300 replaces A330-300
Taipei Taoyuan – Koror eff 19FEB13 Service reduces from 4 to 2 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Shizuoka* Service increases from 3 to 4 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Singapore eff 08APR13 CI753/754 Boeing 737-800 replaces A340-300
Taipei Taoyuan – Takamatsu* eff 21MAR13 NEW 2 weekly Boeing 737-800 service. However, flight number has changed from CI174/175 to CI178/179
Taipei Taoyuan – Toyama* eff 29APR13 Service increases from 2 to 4 weekly

Mandarin Airlines operation (AE)
Kaohsiung – Changsha 2 weekly service to be operated by CI A330-300 instead of CI 737-800
Kaohsiung – Hong Kong AE291/292 operated by CI 737-800, replacing Embraer E190
Kaohsiung – Seoul Incheon Service increases from 5 weekly (Day x47) to daily, Embraer E190 operating
Taichung – Macau* eff 18MAR13 Service increases from 7 to 11 weekly, 14 from 31MAR13. Embraer E190 operating
Taichung – Okinawa Seasonal service resumes from 03APR13, 2 weekly Embraer E190 service
Taipei Taoyuan – Changsha 1 of 2 weekly service operated by CI Boeing 747-400 instead of CI A330-300

Mandarin Airlines tentatively scheduled to receive its own Boeing 737-800 aircraft as early as June 2013.
* Previously reported

Original update at 0600GMT 29JAN13