DELTA Additional North American Routes for Summer 2013

DELTA in Summer 2013 is adding a number of North American and Bermuda routes, which some are service resumptions. Certain routes that has been announced by the airline or discussed on some forums, are omitted from the list below as they were previously operated in Summer 2012 season.

Atlanta – Anchorage 21JUN13 – 31AUG13 1 daily
DL1776 ATL1500 – 1830ANC 757 D
DL1785 ANC1930 – 0635+1ATL 757 D

Atlanta – Burlington VT eff 06JUN13 1 daily
DL1995 ATL2030 – 2302BTV M88 D
DL2001 BTV0715 – 0946ATL M88 D

Atlanta – Green Bay eff 10JUN13 1 daily
DL5223 ATL1905 – 2012GRB CR7 D
DL5523 GRB0600 – 0907ATL CR7 D

DL5523 eff 11JUN13

New York JFK – Quebec City eff 24MAY13 2 daily
DL3614 JFK1230 – 1410YQB CRJ D
DL3696 JFK2045 – 2225YQB CRJ D

DL3697 YQB0700 – 0840JFK CRJ D
DL3614 YQB1540 – 1720JFK CRJ D

New York La Guardia – Bermuda eff 08APR13 1 daily
DL437 LGA1130 – 1440BDA 738 D
DL438 BDA1540 – 1655LGA 738 D

Salt Lake City – Madison eff 18MAY13 1 daily
DL4585 SLC1400 – 1755MSN CR7 D
DL4585 MSN1830 – 2040SLC CR7 D