UNITED S13 European Operation Changes as of 12FEB13

As per 12FEB13 GDS timetable and inventory display, latest changes to UNITED S13 European operation as follows. Note the effective period listed below is for US departures only. Additional changes remain possible as always.

Newark – Paris CDG UA056/057 operated by CO 767-400ER instead of 757-200 (Overall service remains 2 daily)
04JUN13 one-time service
02JUL13 – 26AUG13 Daily (Unchanged)

Washington Dulles – Amsterdam 27AUG13 – 25OCT13 CO 757 replaces UA 2-class 767-300ER
Washington Dulles – Frankfurt Summer operation reduces from 3 daily in S12 to 2 daily. UA952/953 will not be operating in S13, previously due to start from 01MAY13 with UA 2-class 767

Previously reported changes:
Chicago – Brussels eff 06JUN13 UA 3-class Boeing 777-200ER replaces UA 767-300ER
Chicago – London Heathrow eff 02APR13 UA958/929 operated by UA 777-200ER instead of UA 767-300ER (Overall service remains 3 daily)
Chicago – Munich CO 767-400ER replaces UA 777-200ER (in S12)
Chicago – Shannon 06JUN13 – 26AUG13 New seasonal 5 weekly Boeing 757 service (SNN 07JUN13 – 27AUG13)
Houston – Amsterdam eff 31MAR13 CO Boeing 777-200ER replaces 767-400ER (Previously to be operated by UA 2-class 767-300ER)
Houston – Frankfurt CO 767-400ER replaced by following aircraft
31MAR13 – 25APR13 UA 2-class 767-300ER (Previously to be operated by CO 777-200ER)
eff 26APR13 CO 777-200ER

Houston – London Heathrow Service increases from 2 to 3 daily. All service operated by UA 3-class 767-300ER instead of CO 777-200ER
Newark – Amsterdam 06JUN13 – 12AUG13 UA 3-class 767-300ER replaces CO 757Newark – Brussels CO 767-400ER replaces UA 777-200ER except following
04JUN13 CO 757-200 operating
04AUG13 – 26AUG13 UA 777-200ER

Newark – Edinburgh Summer seasonal second daily flight, UA108/109, operates on daily basis from 06JUN13 to 28AUG13 (S12: 4-5 weekly in June, daily from mid-July)
Newark – Frankfurt eff 02JUL13 UA 3-class 777-200ER (UA968/969) replaces CO 767-400ER (UA050/051; Overall service remains 2 daily)
Newark – Istanbul Daily service in Summer season begins from 13MAY13, increases from 5 weekly
Newark – Munich eff 31MAR13 CO 767-400ER replaces UA 2-class 767-300ER
Newark – Rome 06JUN13 – 26AUG13 CO 767-400ER replaces UA 2-class 767-300ER (Previously planned UA 767-300ER operates for entire S13. Latest adjustment is now identical to S12 operation)
Newark – Shannon Peak summer season reduced from 12 weekly in S12 to daily in S13, as the seasonal 5 weekly flights transferred to Chicago – Shannon
Newark – Zurich 06JUN13 – 26AUG13 UA 2-class 767-300ER replaces CO 767-400ER
San Francisco – London Heathrow
02MAR13 – 30MAR13 UA930/931 operated by Boeing 747-400, replacing 777-200ER
eff 09APR13 UA954/955 operated by Boeing 747-400, replacing 777-200ER (UA930/931 from 31MAR13 operates with 777)

San Francisco – Paris CDG eff 09APR13 Daily service resumes with UA 767-300ER
Washington Dulles – Brussels 30MAR13 – 05JUN13 CO 767-400ER replaces UA 3-class 777-200ER
Washington Dulles – London Heathrow
eff 31MAR13 CO 757 (UA004/005) replaces UA 767-300ER (UA922/923)
eff 26APR13 Introduction of 4th daily service (UA130/131; UA131 from 27APR13) with CO 757

Washington Dulles – Moscow Domodedovo Service cancelled in 2013
Washington Dulles – Munich CO 767-400ER replaces UA 3-class 777-200ER
Washington Dulles – Rome UA 3-class 767-300ER replaces 777-200ER, except 06JUN13 – 26AUG13 by CO 767-400ER
Washington Dulles – Zurich 31MAR13 – 26AUG13 UA 2-class 767-300ER replaces CO 767-400ER (Previous plan was UA 767 operating for entire S13)