Fiji Airways Planned A330 Operation as of 18FEB13

Edit: Please refer to latest update on 20FEB13

Fiji Airways, currently known as Air Pacific, has officially opened reservation for flights operated by its new Airbus A330-200 aircraft, with configuration of C24Y249. Planned A330-200 operation as follow.

Nadi – Sydney eff 08JUN13 Up to 6 weekly
FJ911 NAN0900 – 1145SYD 332 x5
FJ910 SYD1300 – 1850NAN 332 x5

A330-200 operation on Sydney service reduces to 3-4 weekly from 01JUL13. Previously these flights has been displaying as “74E” for operational aircraft.

Since December 2012/January 2013, Fiji Airways has loaded flights operated by aircraft code 74E (747-400COMBI), with configuration of C24Y249 that is identical to A330-200. Following flights are currently displaying “74E”, which is believed to change to “332” at a later date, although further revision on operational days and dates remain likely.

Nadi – Auckland 21APR13 – 31AUG13 FJ411/410 Daily (Gradual reduction to 4-5 weekly from 05JUL13. “74E” coded flights reappears from 19JAN14, replacing 744)
Nadi – Brisbane 21APR13 – 31JUL13 FJ923/922 5-6 weekly
Nadi – Hong Kong 04JUL13 – 31AUG13 2 weekly (“74E” coded flights re-appear from 20JAN14, where overall operation increases to 3 weekly)
Nadi – Los Angeles eff 01JUL13 2-3 weekly (From 17JAN14, all LAX flights displaying aircraft code “74E”)
Nadi – Melbourne 03AUG13 – 27AUG13 2 weekly

Last Fiji Airways “744” coded flight (Boeing 747-400) is around mid-January 2014.