Fiji Airways Planned A330 Operation as of 20FEB13

Edit: Additional changes to Hong Kong service has been made on 21FEB13. Report will appear on 22FEB13.

As per 20FEB13 GDS timetable and inventory display, Fiji Airways (Air Pacific) has further adjusted its flight information, which gradually opens Airbus A330-200 reservations on flights to Auckland, Brisbane, Los Angeles and Melbourne. These destinations were previously displayed as “74E” (Boeing 747-400COMBI) until latest adjustment.

The adjustment also sees further changes to planned A330 service, including the following.

Nadi – Auckland A330-200 to operate on FJ411/410 service
02APR13 – 30APR13 Day 2
01MAY13 – 31AUG13 Frequency varies, up to 5 weekly
01SEP13 – 27OCT13 Day 567
eff 28OCT13 Frequency varies from 2 to 4 weekly

Nadi – Brisbane
21APR13 – 31JUL13 FJ923/922 5-6 weekly
01AUG13 – 04SEP13 FJ923/922 3 weekly (Day 123)

Nadi – Los Angeles eff 01JUL13 First A330-200 service for LAX from this date
FJ810 NAN2200 – 1320LAX 744 247
FJ810 NAN2200 – 1325LAX 332 136

FJ811 LAX2330 – 0510+2NAN 744 247
FJ811 LAX2330 – 0530+2NAN 332 136

744 operates on Day 246 from 05SEP13 to 14NOV13, tentative scheduled last 747 flight on 14NOV13
332 operates on Day 137 from 01SEP13 to 15NOV13

From 16NOV13, all Los Angeles service operated by new A330-200, from 03DEC13 service increases from 6 to 8 weekly
FJ812 NAN1800 – 0800LAX 332 2
FJ810 NAN2200 – 1200LAX 332 D

FJ813 LAX1200 – 2005+1NAN 332 2
FJ811 LAX2130 – 0535+2NAN 332 D

Nadi – Melbourne 02AUG13 – 27AUG13 Day 57
Nadi – Sydney eff 08JUN13 Up to 6 weekly on FJ911/910
FJ911 NAN0900 – 1145SYD 332 x5
FJ910 SYD1300 – 1850NAN 332 x5

A330-200 operation on Sydney service reduces to 3-5 weekly from 01JUL13. 6 weekly flights from 15NOV13

*Nadi – Hong Kong Service as of 20FEB13 continues to display 74E (747COMBI) with configuration set of J24Y249 (identical to A330-200) in July/August 2013 and from 20JAN14. Planned service increase from 2 to 3 weekly from 20JAN14

Last Boeing 747-400 operation tentatively scheduled for following routes:
Auckland 29JUN13
Hong Kong 18JAN14
Los Angeles 14NOV13
Sydney 14NOV13

Planned A330-200 operation and final Boeing 747-400 operation remains subject to change.