Air Canada Expands Dash8-Q400 Operation to Vancouver from May 2013

Air Canada from 01MAY13 continues to expand Dash8-Q400 aircraft operation in Western Canada, as the Star Alliance member begins Q400 operation out of Vancouver to selected cities in the Province of British Columbia.

Planned Dash8-Q400 operation as follows. Further changes remain possible.

Vancouver – Fort St. John 2 of 5 daily services operated by Dash8-Q400
AC8181 YVR0810 – 0956YXJ DH4 x67
AC8187 YVR1535 – 1721YXJ DH4 D

AC8182 YXJ1030 – 1217YVR DH4 x67
AC8188 YXJ1755 – 1942YVR DH4 D

Vancouver – Prince George All services operated by Dash8-Q400
AC8201 YVR0755 – 0910YXS DH4 D
AC8205 YVR1155 – 1310YXS DH4 x67
AC8209 YVR1705 – 1820YXS DH4 x7
AC8211 YVR2020 – 2135YXS DH4 x6
AC8213 YVR2355 – 0110+1YXS DH4 D

AC8202 YXS0600 – 0716YVR DH4 D
AC8204 YXS0940 – 1056YVR DH4 D
AC8208 YXS1340 – 1456YVR DH4 x67
AC8212 YXS1945 – 2100YVR DH4 x7
AC8214 YXS2205 – 2320YVR DH4 x6

AC8205/8206 begins operation from 17JUN13

Vancouver – Victoria 1 daily (2 daily from 01JUL13)
AC8067 YVR1300 – 1327YYJ DH4 D
AC8071 YVR1500 – 1527YYJ DH4 D

AC8068 YYJ1400 – 1425YVR DH4 D
AC8072 YYJ1600 – 1626YVR DH4 D

AC8067/8068 operates with Dash8-Q400 from 01JUL13

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