Virgin Atlantic S13 Operation Changes as of 27MAR13

As per 27MAR13 GDS timetable and inventory display, latest changes to Virgin Atlantic’s Summer 2013 Operation, effective 31MAR13, as follow. Further changes remain possible.

London Heathrow – Chicago
*Summer operation in effect from 01MAY13 to 21OCT13 with A340-300. A330 operates during selected dates from 01MAY13 to 09JUN13
Service operates daily except following period (planned reduction remains unchanged since last report on 13FEB13)
01MAY13 – 12MAY13 Day x237
07OCT13 – 13OCT13 Day x347
14OCT13 – 21OCT13 Day x346

London Heathrow – Los Angeles
17APR13 – 12MAY13 VS023/024 reduced from daily to 5 weekly (Day x23)
*27APR13 – 01JUL13 VS007/008 operates with A340-600, replacing Boeing 747-400 (Previous plan: 27APR13 – 20JUN13)
**07OCT13 – 26OCT13 VS023/024 reduced from daily to 5 weekly (Day x23)

**In last report on 13FEB13, typographical error appeared for LHR – LAX entry, which read as 97OCT13 – 26OCT13. Original post on 13FEB13 was not corrected.

London Heathrow – Newark VS017/018 operated by A340-300 instead of -600 on following
17APR13 – 27APR13 Day 136
06MAY13 – 20MAY13 Day 1

London Heathrow – Shanghai Pu Dong
*30APR13 – 13MAY13 Service reduce from daily to 5 weekly
*14MAY13 – 02JUN13 Service reduce from daily to 6 weekly
eff 24AUG13 A340-300 replaces A340-600 on Day x245 from LHR, Day x356 from PVG

* Further adjustment (within a route entry) since last report on 13FEB13

Previously reported changes:
London Heathrow – Aberdeen eff 09APR13 NEW 3 daily service with AerLingus A320 aircraft
London Heathrow – Accra 07MAY13 – 27MAY13 Service reduces from 5 weekly to 4 weekly (Day x136 from LHR, Day x247 from ACC), A340-300 operating
London Heathrow – Boston Airbus A330-300 replaces A340-300, daily service
London Heathrow – Dubai eff 31MAR13 Airbus A340-300 replaces -600, daily service
London Heathrow – Edinburgh eff 05APR13 NEW 3 daily service with AerLingus A320 aircraft. Service increases to 6 daily from 15APR13
London Heathrow – Manchester eff 31MAR13 NEW 4 daily service with AerLingus A320 aircraft
London Heathrow – Miami Airbus A330-300 replaces 747-400 on Day 234 (09APR13 – 11APR13 operated by A340-600 instead of A330)
London Heathrow – New York JFK
VS003/004 Airbus A340-600 replaces A330-300
VS009/010 Airbus A330-300 replaces A340-600

London Heathrow – San Francisco Service reduced from 10 weekly in S12 to daily in S13
London Heathrow – Washington Dulles Airbus A330-300 continues operation in S13, replaces A340-300 in S12
London Heathrow – Vancouver Seasonal service from 14MAY13 to 12OCT13, operates on Day x157 instead from 12MAY13, on Day x135
London Gatwick – Antigua eff 01MAY13 Overall service remains at 3 weekly (see subsequent entry for Antigua schedule)
VS033 LGW0935 – 1300ANU 744 6
VS034 ANU1640 – 0530+1LGW 744 6

London Gatwick – Antigua – Grenada eff 01MAY13 Service to Grenada operates via Antigua instead of Tobago
VS101 LGW1110 – 1435ANU1535 – 1655GND 744 2
VS102 GND1905 – 2025ANU2125 – 1015+1LGW 744 2

VS will cancel London Gatwick – Tobago service from 01MAY13 to 28OCT13

London Gatwick – St. Lucia – Antigua eff 01MAY13 St. Lucia overall service reduce from 3 to 2 weekly
VS087 LGW0830 – 1215UVF1315 – 1415ANU 744 7
VS088 ANU1625 – 1725UVF1825 – 0730+1LGW 744 7

VS087/088 will replace existing London Gatwick – Antigua – St. Lucia VS083/084 service
VS031/032 London Gatwick – St. Lucia service reduces from 2 to 1 weekly

London Gatwick – Barbados eff 03MAY13 VS029/030 operates with Airbus A330-300 instead of Boeing 747-400 on Day x4
London Gatwick – Cancun Service increases from 2 to 3 weekly
London Gatwick – Orlando A number of service sees planned Boeing 747-400 operation replaced by A330-300, and vice versa
Glasgow – Orlando eff 05OCT13 Day 67 operates with 747-400, replaces A330-300
Manchester – Orlando eff 13SEP13 VS075/076 on Day 567 operates with 747-400, replaces A330-300