Kenya Airways to Launch Boeing 777-300ER Service from November 2013

Edit as of 0700GMT 11APR13: Kenya Airways has removed planned 777-300ER schedule from its system. Further changes will be reported in the future

As per 03APR13 GDS timetable and inventory display, Kenya Airways is to introduce Boeing 777-300ER aircraft to its operation starting November 2013, initially on flights to Amsterdam and London Heathrow. Planned Boeing 777-300ER service as follow.

Nairobi – Amsterdam eff 08NOV13 777-300ER operates 3 of 6-7 weekly
KQ116 NBO0825 – 1520AMS 77W 567
KQ116 NBO0825 – 1520AMS 772 x567

KQ117 AMS2040 – 0700+1NBO 77W 567
KQ117 AMS2040 – 0700+1NBO 772 x567

KQ116/117 does not operate on Day 2 from 27OCT13 to 01DEC13

Nairobi – London Heathrow eff 04NOV13 777-300ER operates 2 of 7 weekly
KQ102 NBO2350 – 0545+1LHR 77W 13
KQ102 NBO2350 – 0545+1LHR 772 x136
KQ102 NBO2359 – 0625+1LHR 772 6

KQ101 LHR1900 – 0630+1NBO 77W 24
KQ101 LHR1900 – 0630+1NBO 772 24

The airline will further updates planned 777-300ER operation in the next few months, which may includes moving forward planned service entry date, as well as assigning the new 777 on other routes.

In the GDS, Kenya Airways uses aircraft code 773 instead of 77W.