Batik Air Plans to Launch Operation on 26APR13

Batik Airways, the full-service unit of Lion Air, is scheduled to launch its operation on 26APR13. Initially, the airline plans to operate Boeing 737-900ER aircraft on Jakarta – Balikpapan and Jakarta – Manado routes. The 737-900ER is configured in 12 Business Class and 160 Economy Class seats.

The following is planned operational schedule, appeared in Sabre timetable listing. Note the actual operating schedule, as well as inaugural date, may be different from those listed below.

Jakarta – Balikpapan 1 daily
IW6258 CGK1800 – 2110BPN 739 D
IW6251 BPN0600 – 0710CGK 739 D

Jakarta – Manado 2 daily
IW6270 CGK0940 – 1400MDC 739 D
IW6274 CGK1830 – 2200MDC 739 D

IW6271 MDC0630 – 0850CGK 739 D
IW6273 MDC1450 – 1710CGK 739 D

Like Lion Air’s Malaysia joint-venture Malindo Air, Batik Air initially displays as “IW” code in the GDS, but this will switch to “ID” code upon operation.