Thomson Airways Outlines Planned Boeing 787 Operation from July 2013

UK’s Thomson Airways has updated schedule listing on its website, which now reflects planned Boeing 787 operational schedule. The airline intends to launch Boeing 787 operation on 08JUL13. Below are planned Boeing 787 operations and approximate effective date.

East Midlands – Cancun eff 07AUG13 1 weekly
East Midlands – Orlando Sanford eff 06AUG13 1 weekly
Glasgow – Cancun eff 15JUL13 1 weekly
Glasgow – Orlando Sanford eff 09JUL13 1 weekly
London Gatwick – Cancun eff 09JUL13 2 – 3 weekly
London Gatwick – Orlando Sanford eff 10JUL13 1 weekly
Manchester – Cancun eff 13JUL13 2 weekly
Manchester – Orlando Sanford eff 11JUL13 1 – 2 weekly

Actual inauguration date for Boeing 787 aircraft on routes listed above may vary by 1-2 days, due to its web booking’s schedule listing format. Planned Boeing 787 operational routes and frequencies remain subject to change.