DELTA Expands Los Angeles – Pacific Northwest Services from Sep 2013

DELTA from 03SEP13 is expanding operations from Los Angeles to the Pacific Northwest, with 4 daily flights to Portland OR, while increasing service to Seattle. Planned schedule as follow.

Los Angeles – Portland OR 4 daily service (Service resumption)
DL4501 LAX0815 – 1035PDX CR9 D
DL4611 LAX1135 – 1355PDX CR9 D
DL4712 LAX1500 – 1720PDX CR9 D
DL4784 LAX1930 – 2150PDX CR9 D

DL4813 PDX0700 – 0920LAX CR9 D
DL4501 PDX1130 – 1350LAX CR9 D
DL4611 PDX1500 – 1720LAX CR9 D
DL4712 PDX1755 – 2015LAX CR9 D

Los Angeles – Seattle Service increases from 3 to 5 daily
DL4549 LAX0815 – 1100SEA CR9 D
DL4564 LAX1100 – 1346SEA CR9 D
DL4693 LAX1520 – 1805SEA CR9 D
DL4685 LAX1700 – 1942SEA CR9 D
DL4598 LAX2130 – 0015+1SEA CR9 D

DL4597 SEA0645 – 0925LAX CR9 D
DL4583 SEA0815 – 1058LAX CR9 D
DL4549 SEA1205 – 1440LAX CR9 D
DL4564 SEA1500 – 1737LAX CR9 D
DL4693 SEA1850 – 2130LAX CR9 D