Korean Air W13 International Operation Changes as of 21AUG13

As per 21AUG13 GDS timetable/inventory display, latest changes to Korean Air’s planned Winter 2013/14 International operation from 27OCT13 as follow. Note all changes remain possible in the next few weeks.

Seoul Incheon – Bangkok KE651/652 operates with Boeing 747-400, replacing 777-300 (Overall 2 daily 777-300 and 1 daily 747-400 service)
Seoul Incheon – Cairo Planned service resumption during Winter 2013/14 season is cancelled
Seoul Incheon – Changsha 27OCT13 – 01DEC13 Service increases from 4 to 5 weekly, 737-900ER operating
Seoul Incheon – Hong Kong Airbus A380 aircraft continues to operate KE607/608 service on/after 27OCT13 (Previously displayed as 777-300ER)
KE603 ICN0830 – 1120HKG 744 D
KE613 ICN1100 – 1405HKG 333 D
KE601 ICN1345 – 1650HKG 73J D
KE607 ICN2000 – 2255HKG 388 D

KE608 HKG0055 – 0520ICN 388 D
KE604 HKG1235 – 1700ICN 744 D
KE614 HKG1530 – 2000ICN 333 D
KE602 HKG1800 – 2230ICN 73J D

Seoul Incheon – Los Angeles Airbus A380 operation increases from 7 to 14 weekly, out of 17 weekly flights
KE017 ICN1500 – 0900LAX 388 D
KE011 ICN1950 – 1340LAX 388 D
KE061 ICN2135 – 1525LAX 77W 135

KE018 LAX1100 – 1740+1LAX 388 D
KE062 LAX2330 – 0550+2ICN 77W 246
KE012 LAX2350 – 0620+2ICN 388 D

Seoul Incheon – Prague eff 28OCT13 Service operates with 218-seater A330-200, instead of 261-seater Boeing 777-200ER in W12
KE935 ICN1250 – 1640PRG 332 x247
KE936 PRG1830 – 1245+1ICN 332 x247

Seoul Incheon – Taipei Taoyuan Boeing 737-900ER to operate 3 of 7 weekly KE693/694 service, replaces -800
KE691 ICN0910 – 1100TPE 772 D
KE693 ICN1610 – 1755TPE 73J 357
KE693 ICN1610 – 1755TPE 73H x357

KE692 TPE1210 – 1535ICN 772 D
KE694 TPE1855 – 2220ICN 73J 357
KE694 TPE1855 – 2220ICN 73H x357

Seoul Incheon – Tashkent Winter operation increases from 2 weekly from W12 to 3 weekly. A330-300 operating
KE941 ICN1530 – 1920TAS 333 257
KE942 TAS2105 – 0715+1ICN 333 257

Seoul Incheon – Yangon Airbus A330-200 operates in W13 on daily basis, replaces -300 in W12
KE471 ICN1840 – 2245RGN 332 D
KE472 RGN0005 – 0800ICN 332 D

Previously reported changes:
Seoul Incheon – Atlanta Airbus A380 operation on KE035/036 increases from 3 weekly to Daily
Seoul Incheon – Dallas/Ft. Worth Daily service maintained on/after 27OCT13, increased from 5 weekly. Boeing 777-200ER operating
Seoul Incheon – Frankfurt Service on/after 27OCT13 continues to display Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, instead of Airbus A380
Seoul Incheon – London Gatwick Although this route has been cancelled since 15JAN13, KE continues to display operational schedules for this route, including “flights” on/after 27OCT13. Reservation remains closed
Seoul Incheon – Moscow Sheremetyevo Winter season operates 5 weekly, increases from 4 weekly in W12
Seoul Incheon – Honolulu
27OCT13 – 30NOV13 Service reduce from 14 to 7 weekly, KE051/052 closed for reservation
eff 01DEC13 Service reduce from 14 to 10 weekly, KE051/052 on Day x146 is closed for reservation

Seoul Incheon – Paris CDG Boeing 777-300ER operates daily, replacing 747-400 in W12
Seoul Incheon – Phuket Boeing 747-400 operates daily service, replacing mixed A330-300/747 operation
Seoul Incheon – Rome – Milan Malpensa – Seoul Incheon Boeing 777-200ER operates 3 weekly, replacing 747-400 in W12
Seoul Incheon – St. Petersburg Service to be converted to year-round operation, with 2 weekly A330 service planned for entire Winter season
Seoul Incheon – Vladivostok 14DEC13 – 31JAN14 Airbus A330-300 replaces 737-900ER, same capacity change compared to Winter 2012/13