ANA W13 International Operation Changes as of 21AUG13

As per 21AUG13 GDS timetable/inventory display, as well as the airline’s press release, ANA’s Winter 2013/14 International operation changes as follow.

Osaka Kansai – Beijing eff 27OCT13 Boeing 767-300ER replaces 737-700
Osaka Kansai – Qingdao eff 27OCT13 Boeing 767-300ER replaces 737-700
Tokyo Haneda – Seoul Gimpo eff 27OCT13 NH1161/1162 and NH1165/1166 operated by Boeing 767-300ER, replacing 777-200ER (Overall 2 daily 767 and 1 daily 777)
Tokyo Haneda – Singapore eff 27OCT13 Boeing 787-8 replaces 767-300ER
Tokyo Narita – Bangkok* eff 27OCT13 NH915/916 operated by Boeing 777-200ER, replaces 767-300ER (Overall 1 daily each of 767/777)
Tokyo Narita – Beijing eff 01FEB14 NH905/906 operated by Boeing 767-300ER, replaces 787-8 (Overall 2 daily 767-300ER)
Tokyo Narita – Jakarta eff 01FEB14 Boeing 787-8 replaces 767-300ER
Tokyo Narita – Shanghai Pu Dong eff 27OCT13 NH919/920 operated by Boeing 787 once again, replacing 767-300ER (787 operates from 01AUG13 to 25AUG13)
Tokyo Narita – Singapore eff 01OCT13 NH901/902 operated by Boeing 787-8, replacing 767-300ER (Previously reported). From 27OCT13, all 2 daily service to be operated by Boeing 787-8 (New adjustment)

All changes listed above, except marked with *, has been reflected in the GDS. In addition, ANA will introduce Premium Economy Class Product on its long-haul Boeing 787 aircraft progressively, starting 01SEP13.

On Tokyo Haneda – Taipei Song Shan NH1185/1186 and Tokyo Haneda – Beijing NH1255/1256, system continues to display 767-300ER operation, instead of 787-8. This is not mentioned in the airline’s press release, however further changes remain possible.

Previously reported changes:
Tokyo Narita – Chengdu eff 01OCT13 Boeing 767-300ER replaces 737-700 (From 27OCT13, service reduces to 4 weekly. This is a seasonal routine reduction)
Tokyo Narita – Shanghai Pu Dong Eff 30SEP13 NH921/922 operated by Boeing 777-300ER, replacing 767-300ER
Tokyo Narita – Yangon eff 30SEP13 Boeing 767-300ER replaces 737-700ER

For Worldwide Boeing 787 operations, please refer to this report.