AIRFRANCE S14 Long-Haul Operation Changes as of 31OCT13

As per 31OCT13 GDS timetable/inventory display, latest changes to AIRFRANCE’ Summer 2014 Long-Haul operation, from 30MAR14, as follow. Further changes remain possible in the next few weeks.

Paris CDG – Dubai 12MAY14 – 08JUN14 Boeing 777-200ER replaces -300ER, daily service
Paris CDG – Kuala Lumpur eff 22JUN14 Introduction of 4th weekly service, operating on Sundays from CDG
AF246 CDG1940 – 1405+1KUL 772 x235
AF241 KUL2310 – 0610+1CDG 772 x346

Paris CDG – San Francisco eff 30MAR14 A380 operation returns to SFO, operating 1 daily flight. Overall frequencies will be reduced from 14 to 12 weekly during Peak summer season as a result
AF084 CDG1040 – 1300SFO 388 D
AF080 CDG1635 – 1900SFO 772 x14

AF083 SFO1550 – 1125+1CDG 388 D
AF085 SFO2120 – 1700+1CDG 772 x14

AF080/085 will be operating from 03JUN14 to 28SEP14

Paris CDG – Wuhan Service on/after 30MAR14 remains unavailable for reservation, as schedule is not appearing in the GDS since mid-August 2013

Previously reported changes:
Paris CDG – Abidjan Boeing 777-300ER service on AF702/703 replaced by -200, capacity reduction
AF702 CDG1350 – 1800ABJ 772 D
AF704 CDG2330 – 0350+1ABJ 772 257

AF705 ABJ0840 – 1700CDG 772 136
AF703 ABJ2220 – 0630+1CDG 772 D

Paris CDG – Bangui Pending on local situation development, AF plans to operate nonstop service in both direction once again
AF786 CDG1055 – 1640BGF 332 3
AF781 BGF0625 – 1415CDG 332 4

Paris CDG – Brasilia NEW 3 weekly service from 31MAR14 on board 3-class Boeing 777-200ER
AF520 CDG1330 – 1910BSB 772 135
AF515 BSB2255 – 1420+1CDG 772 135

Paris CDG – Pointe Noire Introduction of 6th weekly service
AF830 CDG1055 – 1740PNR 332 x6
AF833 PNR2110 – 0600+1CDG 332 x6

Paris CDG – Rio de Janeiro Service reduces from 14 to 11 weekly
AF444 CDG1030 – 1710GIG 332 x135
AF442 CDG2325 – 0525+1GIG 77W D

AF443 GIG1625 – 0820+1CDG 77W D
AF445 GIG1905 – 1125+1CDG 332 x135

Paris CDG – Singapore – Jakarta Singapore service extends to Jakarta (service resumption), daily 777-300ER operation
AF254 CDG1955 – 1455+1SIN1630+1 – 1720+1CGK 77W D
AF259 CGK1955 – 2245SIN0030+1 – 0755+1CDG 77W D