Ethiopian Airlines Planned 777-300ER Operation as of 07NOV13

Ethiopian Airlines has further updated planned Boeing 777-300ER operation, as of 07NOV13. Planned 777-300ER inauguration on Addis Ababa – Dubai route is now scheduled on 09NOV13, instead of 10NOV13. Planned 399-seater Boeing 777-300ER aircraft operation, as of 30OCT13, as follow.

Addis Ababa – Dubai Service operates from 09NOV13 to 15NOV13 only
ET602 ADD1055 – 1530DXB 77W 10NOV13 / 14NOV13 – 15NOV13
ET600 ADD2215 – 0300+1DXB 77W 09NOV13 – 14NOV13

ET601 DXB0430 – 0745ADD 77W 11NOV13 – 15NOV13
ET603 DXB1730 – 2055ADD 77W 10NOV13 / 14NOV13 – 15NOV13

ET602/601 on 11NOV13 is now scheduled to be operated by Boeing 777-200LR, instead of -300ER

Addis Ababa – Luanda Boeing 777-300ER replaces -200LR from 11NOV13, instead of 20NOV13
ET851 ADD0930 – 1220LAD 77W 135
ET850 LAD1350 – 2040ADD 77W 135

Addis Ababa – Guangzhou Planned Boeing 777-300ER service on 3 of 7 weekly flights from 15NOV13, remains unchanged
ET606 ADD0010 – 1440CAN 77W 246
ET606 ADD0010 – 1440CAN 77L x246

ET607 CAN0010 – 0635ADD 77W 357
ET607 CAN0010 – 0635ADD 77L x357