BIMAN Bangladesh Airlines Details DC10 Farewell Flights at Birmingham in late-Feb 2014

BIMAN Bangladesh Airlines today (14JAN14) opens reservation for its FINAL DC10 operation. Scheduled on 20FEB14, the DC10 operates Dhaka – Kuwait City – Birmingham one-way flight. Kuwait is a technical stop.

BG1015 DAC0830 (KWI) 1620BHX D10 20FEB14

From 22FEB14 to 24FEB14, BIMAN operates DC10 scenic flights at Birmingham with following schedule. At time this post goes to press, BIMAN is opening reservation on 24FEB14, with BG008 as overall FINAL DC10 passenger flight. Flights on 22FEB14 and 23FEB14 is subject to reservations on 24th. The airline says only 152 of 319 seats will be open for reservation.

BG002 BHX0900 – 1000BHX D10
BG004 BHX1200 – 1300BHX D10
BG008 BHX1500 – 1600BHX D10

In its revised press release issued on 14JAN14, BIMAN says the DC10 passenger aircraft will be withdrawn from scheduled service on 14FEB14 (last flight on 13FEB14), which is identical to the date that Airline Route has been reporting in the past few weeks.