American Airlines Adds 10 New Routes from New York La Guardia from April 2014

American Airlines on Sunday (26JAN14) opened reservation for planned 10 new routes from New York La Guardia, with 1 daily service to Charlottesville, 3 daily to Dayton, 3 daily to Greensboro, 6 weekly to Knoxville, 1 daily to Little Rock, 3 daily to Louisville, 3 daily to Norfolk, 4 daily to Richmond, 6 weekly to Roanoke and 6 weekly to Wilmington.

These service will begin from 01APR14.

New York La Guardia – Charlottesville
AA2767 LGA1215 – 1345CHO ERD D
AA2767 CHO1410 – 1535LGA ERD D

New York La Guardia – Dayton
AA3419 LGA0830 – 1030DAY ERD x6
AA3796 LGA1429 – 1624DAY ERD D
AA3473 LGA2040 – 2240DAY ERD x6

AA3552 DAY0615 – 0810LGA ERD x6
AA3419 DAY1030 – 1220LGA ERD 6
AA3419 DAY1055 – 1245LGA ERD x6
AA3796 DAY1650 – 1850LGA ERD x6

New York La Guardia – Greensboro
AA3565 LGA0755 – 0935GSO ERD x6
AA3199 LGA1500 – 1640GSO ERD D
AA3384 LGA2100 – 2235GSO ERD x6

AA3594 GSO0605 – 0740LGA ERD x6
AA3565 GSO1000 – 1140LGA ERD D
AA3199 GSO1705 – 1845LGA ERD x6

New York La Guardia – Knoxville
AA3340 LGA1320 – 1520TYS ERD x6
AA3340 TYS1545 – 1745LGA ERD x6

New York La Guardia – Little Rock
AA3349 LGA1800 – 1950LIT CR7 6
AA3349 LGA1850 – 2035LIT CR7 x6

AA3390 LIT0630 – 0955LGA CR7 x6
AA3390 LIT0730 – 1100LGA CR7 6

New York La Guardia – Louisville
AA3599 LGA0845 – 1105SDF ERD x6
AA3588 LGA1540 – 1800SDF ERD x6
AA3588 LGA1645 – 1905SDF ERD 6
AA3616 LGA1830 – 2045SDF ERD x6

AA3006 SDF0600 – 0825LGA ERD x6
AA3599 SDF1130 – 1350LGA ERD D
AA3588 SDF1825 – 2045LGA ERD x6

New York La Guardia – Norfolk
AA3550 LGA0905 – 1035ORF ERD x6
AA3670 LGA1610 – 1745ORF ERD D
AA3027 LGA1930 – 2100ORF ERD x6

AA3014 ORF0625 – 0755LGA ERD x6
AA3550 ORF0955 – 1125LGA ERD 6
AA3550 ORF1100 – 1230LGA ERD x6
AA3670 ORF1810 – 1935LGA ERD x6

New York La Guardia – Richmond
AA3644 LGA0815 – 0935RIC ERD x6
AA3012 LGA1305 – 1425RIC ERD D
AA3008 LGA1655 – 1820RIC ERD x6
AA3011 LGA1700 – 1825RIC ERD 6
AA3011 LGA1920 – 2040RIC ERD x6

AA3357 RIC0600 – 0720LGA ERD x6
AA3644 RIC0715 – 0840LGA ERD 6
AA3644 RIC1000 – 1125LGA ERD x6
AA3012 RIC1455 – 1620LGA ERD D
AA3008 RIC1845 – 2015LGA ERD x6

New York La Guardia – Roanoke
AA2771 LGA1620 – 1805ROA ERD x6
AA2771 ROA1830 – 2005LGA ERD x6

New York La Guardia – Wilmington
AA2789 LGA1100 – 1250ILM ERD x6
AA2789 ILM1315 – 1505LGA ERD x6