Lufthansa S14 Long-Haul Operation Changes as of 01FEB14

As per 01FEB14 GDS timetable/inventory display, latest changes to Lufthansa Summer 2014 Long-haul operation as follow. Further changes remain highly possible.

Frankfurt – Dallas eff 01JUL14 Airbus A340-300 replaces A330-300; Cancellation of First Class service
Frankfurt – Philadelphia eff 01JUN14 Cancellation of First Class service, A340-300 daily operation
Frankfurt – San Francisco eff 22APR14 Airbus A380 replaces 747-400 (previously planned from 30MAR14)
Frankfurt – Seattle eff 25APR14 Airbus A340-300 replaces A330-300
LH490 FRA1015 – 1140SEA 343 D
LH491 SEA1335 – 0840+1FRA 343 D

LH from 25APR14 to 20JUN14 operates with 3-class A340-300. 2-class aircraft operates from 21JUN14, which sees the end of First Class. LH previously planned to operate 2-class A340-300 instead of 3-class A330-300 from 06JUL14

Frankfurt – Shanghai Pu Dong 2nd Daily seasonal LH732/733 service operates from 08MAY14 instead of 16MAY14. A340-600 replaced by 747-400 on LH732/733
LH728 FRA1715 – 0955+1PVG 388 D
LH732 FRA2205 – 1440+1PVG 744 D

LH729 PVG1315 – 1910FRA 388 D
LH733 PVG2335 – 0515+1FRA 744 D

Frankfurt – Tehran Cancellation of First Class service, A340-300 daily operation
Frankfurt – Washington Dulles eff 24JUL14 Summer seasonal 2nd daily LH416/417 operates with 2-class A340-300 instead of 3-class A330-300 (Cancellation of First Class service on this flight)
Munich – Boston Operational aircraft changes. A330-300 operates from 30MAR14 to 04JUN14; A340-600 operates from 05JUN14 (previously planned to start from 05JUN14)
LH424 MUC1540 – 1820BOS 346 D
LH425 BOS2025 – 0955+1MUC 346 D

Munich – Delhi In addition to planned schedule change to night-time arrival/departure at Delhi, 5 of 7 weekly service to be operated by Airbus A330-300 instead of A340-600
LH762 MUC1215 – 2310DEL 346 14
LH762 MUC1215 – 2310DEL 333 x14

LH763 DEL0055 – 0545MUC 333 x25
LH763 DEL0055 – 0545MUC 346 25

Munich – Dubai Service reduces from daily to 6 weekly, A330-300 operation
LH638 MUC2215 – 0620+1DXB 333 x6
LH639 DXB0825 – 1250MUC 333 x7

Munich – Montreal Airbus A330-300 replaces A340-300

Previously reported changes:
Dusseldorf – Toronto 5 weekly service cancelled
Frankfurt – Abuja – Malabo Airbus A340-300 replaces A330-300, daily service
Frankfurt – Accra Airbus A330-300 replaces PrivatAir 737-800 service. Frequency reduces from daily to 4 weekly (5 weekly from 25JUN14)
Frankfurt – Bangkok Airbus A340-600 replaces 747-400, daily service. Tag-on operation to Ho Chi Minh (3 weekly) and Kuala Lumpur (4 weekly; see additional info below) is cancelled. Operational schedule change also in effect
Frankfurt – Beijing eff 13MAR14 Airbus A380 replaces Boeing 747-8I for Summer 2014 season, daily service
Frankfurt – Boston Planned capacity increase with double daily 747-400 service in S14
LH422/423 Boeing 747-400 replaces A340-600
LH420/421 Boeing 747-400 replaces A340-600 from 10MAY14 (Seasonal service begins from 18APR14 initially with A340-600 instead of A340-300)

Frankfurt – Caracas Airbus A330-300 replaces A340-300/-600, starting 19JAN14, will be maintained on/after 30MAR14
LH534 FRA1025 – 1430CCS 333 D
LH535 CCS1650 – 0925+1FRA 333 D

Frankfurt – Detroit 3-class Airbus A340-600 replaces 2-class A340-300 during following period: 30MAR14 – 04MAY14
Frankfurt – Dubai Airbus A340-300 replaces Boeing 747-400, daily service
Frankfurt – Jeddah – Addis Ababa Jeddah – Addis Ababa sector increases from 4 weekly to daily, A330-300 service
Frankfurt – Kuala Lumpur – Jakarta 5 weekly A340-600 service. Kuala Lumpur nonstop operation replaces 1-stop via Bangkok; Jakarta is service resumption
Frankfurt – Kuwait Airbus A340-300 replaces A330-300, 3 weekly
Frankfurt – Kuwait – Dammam Airbus A340-300 replaces A330-300, 4 weekly
Frankfurt – Los Angeles 2nd daily Summer seasonal service, LH450/451, operates with 747-8I, instead of 747-400 (Overall 2 daily 747-8I)
Frankfurt – Miami Airbus A380 operation extends to year-round service (Currently Winter seasonal)
LH462 FRA1030 – 1425MIA 388 D
LH463 MIA1645 – 0750+1FRA 388 D

Frankfurt – Montreal 16MAY14 – 12OCT14 Service resumption with 5 weekly (Day x16; 333 on Day 27, 343 on Day 345) seasonal flights. LH last operated this route (Mirabel) in October 1995
Frankfurt – New York JFK Airbus A380 service returns to New York JFK, operating 1 of 2 daily flights
LH400 FRA1035 – 1300JFK 388 D
LH404 FRA1710 – 1950JFK 744 D

LH401 JFK1555 – 0535+1FRA 388 D
LH405 JFK2145 – 1125+1FRA 744 D

Frankfurt – Rio de Janeiro Boeing 747-400 replaces A340-300/-600, daily service
Frankfurt – Seoul Incheon A340-600 replaced by following
28FEB14 – 30JUN14 Boeing 747-8I
eff 01JUL14 Boeing 747-400

Frankfurt – Tel Aviv Increase from 14 to 17 weekly
Frankfurt – Tokyo Haneda Service resumption with daily 747-400 service
Frankfurt – Tokyo Narita Service operates via Osaka Kansai, replacing nonstop service. Boeing 747-400 operating
Frankfurt – Toronto Boeing 747-400 replaces A340-600, daily service
Frankfurt – Vancouver Boeing 747-400 replaces A340-600, daily service
Munich – Mexico City eff 03APR14 NEW 5 weekly A340-600 service
Munich – Seoul Incheon – Busan Airbus A340-600 replaces -300, 6 weekly
Munich – Tel Aviv Increases from 5 to 8 weekly, A321 service
Munich – Tokyo Haneda Daily A340-600 service, replacing Munich – Tokyo Narita operation
Munich – Toronto eff 05JUN14 Summer seasonal daily service with A330-300
Munich – Vancouver Summer seasonal service in 2014 begins on 30MAR14, instead of late-April 2014, daily A330-300 service

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